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Need-For-Power Motor  Co., Ltd, is an experienced ISO9001 supplier of micro DC vibration motors and miniature gear motors with factory in Shenzhen, China and was found in 2005. With over 12 years of experience in producing low voltage vibrating motors, linear resonant actuators (LRA), spur reduction gear motors, permanent magnet motors. Our team understands the unique requirements of our client. From custom system to stocked items, we will meet your demands in the most effective manner, and providing a full services from designing to producing motors, also including motors packing and the shipment. We produce customized and high volume demands to order and frequently modify our base (stocked) parts upon the unique requests. Available MOQ 1+ quantity in UK Pounds, US Dollars, and Euros orders can be placed online or through the purchase orders. For quotations on such quantities please drop us a line - we're here to help! NFP-motors can also provide OEM & ODM services for micro vibration motors, learn more...


Coin motors, LRAs (linear resonant actuators), Pager motors, Miniature gear motors


Coin Vibration Motors (Pancake)

Low Voltage DC Motors


φ 8 - 12 mm


Small size makes it easy to mount in haptic device, low noise level enables feedback, rated at 3V(DC). The best solution for haptic feedback.

Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA)

LRA vibrator motors


φ 10 mm

The LRA has a narrow operating bandwidth particularly rapid tactile feedback.

Pager Motors (ERM)

Low Voltage DC Motors


φ 4 - 7 mm


Eccentric rotating mass(ERM), is widely used in applications that use tiny vibration to offer alert notifications and haptic feedback,like smartphone.

Encapsulated &Enclosed Vibrator (ERM)

Low Voltage DC Motors


φ 6 - 12 mm

They essentially consist of a eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, housed in either a plastic or metal casing.
It’s usually used in a harsh environment.

Small Vibration Motors

Low Voltage DC Motors


φ 4 - 45 mm


Uni Vibe range of motors includes stronger vibration motors and are all ERM motors with heavier eccentric masses and higher drive voltages.


Miniature Gear Motors

Low Voltage DC Motors


φ 10 - 64 mm


The DC Gearmotor, consisting of a DC electric motor and a gearbox, is at the heart of several electronic applications such as actuators, medical tool,robotic.


Customized professional services



• Lead length and wire gauge

• Encapsulation
• Gearing ratios
• Custom test reports

• Low temperature quali cation

• Connectors (e.g. Molex, JST)

• Operating voltage

• Torque output

• Rear shaft

• Motor speed

• Vibration frequency

• Shaft length and features

• Eccentric mass design

• Vibration amplitude

• Custom gearbox
• Motor bearings

• Resonant frequency

• Rotary encoder


Micro DC motors applications


NFP-C0820 FPC Coin Vibration Motor

for Wearable Device Shade That can detect UV rays

NFP-C1030 Coin Vibration Motor

for Wearable Device Lief Smart Patch That Fight Stress


NFP-ELV1411A Linear Resonant Actuator

for Sunu Band Sonar Smartwatch

NFP-ELV1030AC1 Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA)

for Swiftpoint Z Advanced Game Mouse


NFP-E0724 Encapsulated Vibration Motor

for Lasertag Equipment by LASERWAR

NFP-C1034L Coin Vibration Motor

for AUDO Compression Silicone Sex Toys


NFP-P0612 Pager Motor

for Referee Pager System RPS2156

NFP-ELV1030A LRA Linear Resonance Actuator

for Shearwater Dive Watch Haptic Touch Screen


NFP-0406S PCB SMD Reflow Rotational Motor 


NFP-ELV1030AS LRA Linear Resonance Actuator

for Push Buttons



Miniature Gear Motors


Our planetary and spur DC Gearmotors ( also known as miniature geared motor and micro geared motors ) are specifically designed for present and future applications. Our gearmotors are used for various applications in the areas of medicine and healthcare, auto mobile systems, drive systems, or as a variety of positioning or industrial / consumer actuators. These DC Gear Motors have also various much-needed characteristics, such as form factors, strength, torque, linear performance and other technical capabilit ies. All of which are important for such applications. In addition, NFP-Motors Nano Planetary, Micro Spur, and Minia ture Spur DC Gearmotors meet high quality standards of reliability, ruggedness, and compactness. These are characteristics that you need to use in professional commercial applications.


gear motor applications automotive applications gear motor applications medical equipments gear reduction motor reduce motor robot parts drives nano planetary geared dc motors


Automotive Applications
With the increased automation of cars, Gear motor is used to enable a widely range of high-end features. Gear motor


Medical Equipments
Gear motor is used in a wide variety of medical equipment and it also becomes
a key component of various instruments.


Robot Parts Drivers
Gear motors will be an important role in driving gear robotic arms to help to point the locations. DC gear reduction motor.


industrial lines drive choose geared motors gear reduction motors


industrial lines drive choose geared motors gear reduction motors gear motors with bracket


Industrial Lines Drive By Miniature DC Gear Motor
Gear reduction motor is used to drive the industrial Products 
to move slowly in an assembly line position. Gear reduction motors can help reduction industrial machinery and Products processes of effective work. AC/DC gear reduction motors.



Power Transmission and Drive Applications
Continuous drive mechanism, such as blenders and product 
lines in need/high-torque gear motor, making it orderly, also 
need gear motors with a longer service life. need gear motors
have a longer service life. AC/DC gear reduction motors.

small gear motor high torque low speed gear box dura vibe nano planetary geared dc motors miniature spur dc gear motor pid controllers feedback control dura vibe nano planetary geared dc motors miniature spur dc gear motor micro spur dc gear motor


Customized Gear Motor
Small Gear motor, high torque
at low speed, suitable for small diameter, low noise, and high torque applications. Gear box.


Planetary Gear Types
Investigate planetary motors gearheads widely applied to your customized production application.DC Gear motors.


6mm Miniature Gear Motor
PID controllers use feedback improve positioning control in many actually fundational use
with gear motors. Gear house


Gearmotor for Mini Diameter
We have very large interesting selections of tiny gear motors for small applications. Such as the haptic feedback alerting.


Pager motors & coin motor applications


car automotive gear motor automobile dashboard gera reduction motor vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors coin vibrate motors tiny vibration motors erms erm long work life dura vibe vibrations long-life durable vibe motor brushless technology stable performance motor packaged vibration motors external moving motors applications vibrating motors vibration motors pager erm motors


Car & Automotive

Gear motor can be used in automobile to enable a variety 
of features Such 
as the Dashboard,
rearview mirror.


Precision Haptic

Series of vibrator designed for tactile feedback or driver
Ic designed area. Vibration haptic 
alert or feedback.


Coin Vibrate Motors

These tiny vibration motors are able to 
be installed in any-where such like the ERMs.Its work life time will be 800h.


Dura Vibe Vibration

These long-life for
loss resistance and durable vibe motor based on coin vibe brushless technology with stable real work


Vibration Motors

Packaged vibrating motors are with no external moving or other parts and is a proper ideal for lots of applications


Vibrating Motors

These vibration motors are wholely installed inside a metal shell cased in that positioned well to a specifition

handheld mobility handeld devices vibration motor precision haptic feedbacke touchscreen haptic feedback LRA linear Resonant seperate vibration amplitude vibrator frequency brushless vibration motors improves motors' service life brushless vibrators using vibration to relieve pain z axis linear resonant actuator pcb mounted vibration motors pico haptic 4mm vibration motor



Handheld devices have a quite range
of many uses for vibrations motors. Just like In-game collisions vibration haptic feedback.


Linear Resonant

LRAs Effectively separate vibration amplitude and the vibrator frequency
for greater control. And it has a more longer service life.


Brushless Vibration

The removal of the brushes from these motors' core quitely improves the motors' service life in a qutie effective way.It is the brushless vibrators.



Combined with vibro motors for equipment would be used to help to relieve your muscle soreness that caused from fatigue. vibration motors are useful!


Pager / ERM Motor

ERM Motor is short for thethe eccentric rotating mass motor Tiny vibrator can be installed in movable handheld device. It offers reminders.


SMT vibratiors

PCB installation of the patch vibration motors can be just flexibly installed to meet the requires
of the PCB design. vibrating motors.

pico vibe miniature coreless DC vibration motors vibration feedback 12mm vibration motor adult Products vibrationg moro's vibration frequency amplitude adjustment massager stimulation vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators uni vibe motors larger DC vIbrating motors greater vibration amplitudes  for  alerting reminder 345-002 waking fatigued drivers vibrations haptic feedback precise the haptic feedback vibration motor


Pico Vibe Motors

Miniature Coreless DC vibration motors
is wholely designed to use in specifically for handheld/mobile charging device for alarm function.


Adult Products

Adult product using by vibrating motor's vibration frequency and the amplitude adjustment to raise the spice during in the sex time.


Vibration Alerting

Vibration is the best operator to event of alerts. For example timing shaking it for reminder, vibration alarm-specific event and many other alert.


Uni Vibe Motors

Larger DC vibrating motors offer greater vibration amplitudes
for alerting reminder Like massagingand
the medical work for
patient in the hospital


Mechanical Work 

Tanks, hoppers & mixers are just available in using
the rightly vibrating motors. That some medicines needs to shake to mix better.


Haptic Feedback

Complex mode of vibration to trigger precise the haptic feedback feel can be conveyed to the user. It'll need the vibration motor.


Produce products containing our motors for haptic feedback