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  Encapsulated vibration motor NFP-E0724 used for Laser Tag Equipment


Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. Its main objective is to defeat the opposing team by capturing special game objects (checkpoints etc.) and/or by shooting opposing players with lasertag blasters (or taggers) with inbuilt infrared emitters. They use a multistep system of sending signals to the player. The main feedback is vibrating alerting by using encapsulated vibration motors. Now it will not be a problem to spot the fire point. Each hit sensor is equipped with a encapsulated vibration motors.


With the help of Feedback Technology, any shot, injury, absence of ammunition are accompanied with pleasant vibrating feedback. This function is well-known to players and is successfully used in such gamepads as Playstation and Xbox. We have always been striving to achieve authenticity of the game process, that is why we decided to use vibrating motors in our products. The operation of the vibration motor requires no second accumulator, which is convenient for integration into a wide range of products need vibration feedback.


Vibration feedback can be configured with the help of our laser tag configurator, so the recoil can be switched off, but you may leave the effect when injured or dead, and therefore the time of autonomous operation will be increased. Now headbands has multizone encapsulated vibration motors and flash lights so when the player is hit it will activate vibrating motors and lights only of those sensors that have taken an infrared pulse


Encapsulated vibration motor NFP-E0724 11,000rpm/22,000rpm DC Vibrating Motor



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NFP-E0724-A 1.5 60 11,000 R2.8*3.0 Download Buy Online!
NFP-E0724-B 3.0 100 22,000 R2.8*3.0 Download Buy Online!


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12,000rpm Download Buy Now!




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