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 Medical care


Portable medical devices often use audible or visual alerts to notify the patient of potential issues.


These alerts can be disruptive or even embarrassing to the user. Haptic feedback can be used in portable medical devices to replace audible alerts with silent, discreet tactile alerts. Haptic notifications can also be felt when the user is in an environment that is too noisy or distracting to hear or see other types of feedback.


 Type of haptics: alert & notification, button replacement, touch screen


- Haptic Feedback with Bluetooth Low Energy and iOS App Reference Design
- Advanced Haptic Driver Simplifies Tactile Feedback Design in Consumer and Industrial
- Reference Design for Industry's Most Highly Integrated Piezo Haptic Driver
- Haptic Bluetooth Kit
- ERM/LRA Haptic Driver Evaluation
- Multi-Driver Board for ERM and LRA Haptic Feedback

- ERM/LRA Haptic Driver Evaluation
- Evaluation Module
- Haptics Smart Loop Algorithm and Immersion TouchSense 2200 Effects Library Breakout Board

- Haptic Driver for ERM/LRA with Built-In Library and Smart Loop Architecture
- Haptic Driver for ERM and LRA with Built-In Library and Smart Loop Architecture
- Haptic Driver with Auto Resonance Tracking for LRA and Optimized Drive for ERM




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Car and automotive applications

Vibrations can be used in automobiles

to enable a variety of features


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Precision haptic

A range of vibration actuators and driver ICs designed specifically for haptic feedback applications.


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Coin vibration motors

These low profile motors are easily mounted and behave the same as ERMs