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Motor Applications

Need-For-Power motor had been developed for over 11 years since 2005. It's using in more and more digital products in our lives. Digital Products on the individual requirements of NFP micro motors stimulated the creation of China manufacturer inspiration. In addition to traditional digital Products, new applications of NFP micro motor is also continually expanding.


AP-001: Pager motor vibrating motor NFP-0610V used for Referee Paging System

AP-002: Encapsulated vibration motor with metal shell NFP-E0724 used for Laser Tag Equipment


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 Apply to hand-held radio to provide a vibration motor vibration alerts



Vibration motors add an extra dimension to the user interface, suitable for use with batteries in portable Products, the bibrating motors can be used for haptic devices, haptic keypad, haptic switch, haptic feedback vibration, haptic input device, haptic feedback device, haptic technology companies, massage motors, haptic motor controller, haptic hardware, haptic phone.


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Built-in gravity sensors, gives 3X gravity acceleration, dual motor vibration bring your real game experience. Games controllers use the haptic feedback and ' dual vibe ' system became very popular thanks to the enhanced tactile feedback of two vibrating motors, one for the light vibration and the other for heavy vibration feedback.


 Apply to apple touch screen for haptic force feedback




Built-in gravity sensors, gives 3X gravity acceleration, dual motor vibration bring your real game experience.


 Touchscreen for haptic feedback


When we use the touch screen, hoping to get a similar haptic feedback feel like click on a real buttons like, vibration motors can provide this technical support. In these applications, there are some characteristics of the haptic vibrating motors' impact. From our internal testing we publish our vibrating motor that makes high performance characteristic of tactile feedback similar to sense of touch. We also stock Linear Resonant Actuators and coin vibration motors for a wider range of design opportunities. This extra information allowed us device and product performance in the implementation of applications, from small mobile devices to car dashboards.


 Apply to a smart watch called SUNU


Sunu can discreetly tell time with Sunu's haptic vibrating clock. Haptic vibration feedback enables awareness and navigation. Vibrations on your wrist intensify as you approach an object. Keep track of time discreetly with our vibrational clock. Pulses accurately tell you the hour and minutes. The resulting 'echo' is then be processed and converted into vibrations. The intensify of the vibrations depend on the bracelet's proximity to the object. The vibrations intensify as the user gets closer to an object or obstacle.


Keywords: wearable technology, mobility, visually impaired.

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 Apply to a smart watch called SUNU

It's another haptic feedback application that use the actuators to suit for VR simulation device. One per fingertip and 5 in the palm that use totally 10 vibrotactile actuators.


Keywords: haptic feedback, vibrotactile, actuators

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Immersion - Touch Technology - made for the digital world


Immersion touch technology is leading the change to the user experience. Haptics add touch to digital world, making it more vibrant and realistic. Immersion works with content creators and device makers to grow the adoption of haptics feedback, and create fun and enjoyable tactile experiences. Immersion TouchSense technology is available only on Android devices. Immersion licenses touch feedback technology. They develop software and enabling toolkits to make it easier for our customers to implement haptics. Their technology is in billions of devices - smart phones, tablets, wearables, medical devices, automobiles and gaming peripherals.

Their technology brings the sense of touch to digital content, creating an experience that is engaging, impactful and ultimately, more real. Their tools, deep expertise and intellectual property make high quality haptics possible.



Keywords: haptics,haptic actuators, actuators for haptic feedback

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Smart Weapons, Body Cameras, Data Solutions - TASER


Taser is a company that provide smart weapons, body-worn cameras, and complete evidence management solutions for law enforcement. That is an American developer, manufacturer, and distributor of the conducted electrical weapons, body worn cameras, and the real digital evidence management solutions based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They use the LRA for handle device for haptic feedback. TASER devices for civilians use the same technology trusted by Law Enforcement all over the world, so you know it is the tool to protect you and your loved ones

At TASER they make communities safer with innovative public safety technologies that protect life and truth. Founded in 1993, TASER first transformed law enforcement with their electrical weapons. Today, they continue to define smarter policing with our growing suite of technology solutions.


Keywords: handle devices, LRA, vibration motors

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Multi-Touch, Pressure Sensitive Technology - Sensel


Sensel is developing the next generation of input devices. With their multi-touch, pressure-sensitive technology(use the vibration motor), they seek to outperform existing industry-standard touch solutions in accuracy, latency, and power, while offering an extra dimension of control in the form of force sensitivity. In addition to making traditional modes of user interaction more expressive and intuitive, their super technology enables a wide range of new and exciting applications. Let technology be the tool to fuel your innovative spirit. Sensel also use the vibration motors for haptic feedback.


Keywords: handle devices, LRA, vibration motors

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World's First Wrap Around Smartwatch - Moment Smartwatch


At a time when popular smartphone, with the smart watch for cell phone use has also appeared, but when they look at all smart watches on the market Outlook is no different from the traditional watches, there is no breakthrough. Momentum Labs finally broke the deadlock, launched the world's first 360-degree full-touch screen watch Moment. They use our the smallest pager motors for vibration haptic feedback.


Keywords: pager motors, smartwatch, vibration motors

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NullSpace VR | Bringing sense to the virtual world.


NullSpace VR brings touch feedback to Virtual Reality using haptic feedback wearables. Don't just see your game, reach out and feel it too.


> Feedback Pads
32 independently activated vibration pads on the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms and hands

> Haptics Library
117 built-in haptic effects, and a tool for developers to make their own haptic animations¬Ě

> Developer API
Included software API for both physics and code-activated haptics. Currently available for Unity 3D engine (with more on the way!)

Keywords: touch feedback, virtual reality, haptic feedback

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The Instabeat all-in-one swimming monitor tracker


The Instabeat all-in-one swimming monitor tracks heart rate to offer real-time. It's one of the top 10 hottest wearable devices that you must checkout. It uses our coin motors for vibrating alerting. With the emergence of revolutionary technologies built for high endurance and quality performance, professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike are able to integrate powerful digital devices into their training and workout routines.

Keywords: coin motors, vibrating alerting, haptic feedback

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CyberGlove Systems LLC


Cyber Glove Systems is the worldwide leader in data glove technology and
offers the most sophisticated hand-centric 3D motion capture solutions in
the marketplace. The wireless CyberGlove II motion capture data glove is fully instrumented with up to 22 high-accuracy joint-angle measurements. It uses proprietary resistive bend-sensing technology to accurately transform hand and finger motions into real-time digital joint-angle data. Featuring a new streamlined industrial design that allows for rigorous physical mobility, Cyber Glove III delivers the ultimate hand capture solution around. The CyberTouch system is a tactile feedback option for CyberGlove Systems's wired CyberGlove instrumented glove.

Keywords: pager motors, vibrating alerting, haptic feedback, touch feedback

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TouchNetix: Capacitive touchscreen provider


TouchNetix - the leading independent capacitive touchscreen provider for industrial, medical, automotive, marine and other mission critical applications. Sensing when the user presses on the surface of a touchscreen is not a new concept but it has not been widely adopted to date due to the challenges of integration into a final product.


Keywords: pager motors, LRA, haptic feedback, touch feedback

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car automotive gear motor automobile dashboard gera reduction motor

Car and automotive applications

Vibrations can be used in automobiles

to enable a variety of features


vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors
Precision haptic

A range of vibration actuators and driver ICs designed specifically for haptic feedback applications.


coin vibrate motors tiny vibration motors erms erm long work life

Coin vibration motors

These low profile motors are easily mounted and behave the same as ERMs


dura vibe vibrations long-life durable vibe motor brushless technology stable performance motor

Dura vibe

These long-life and durable vibration motors are based on brushless motor technology for lasting performance.


packaged vibration motors external moving motors applications

Encapsulated vibration motors

Encapsulated motors have no external moving parts, ideal for many applications


vibrating motors vibration motors pager erm motors

Enclosed vibration motors

These vibrator motors are cased in metal housing, with screw-holes to mount


handheld mobility handeld devices vibration motor precision haptic feedbacke touchscreen haptic feedback

Handheld / mobility applications

Handheld devices have a range of possible uses for vibrations


adult Products vibrationg moro's vibration frequency amplitude adjustment massager stimulation

Medical and health applications

Medical tools can greatly benefit from haptics or vibration alerting


vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

Vibration alerting applications

Vibrations are a great way of alerting operators to events

LRA linear Resonant seperate vibration amplitude vibrator frequency

Linear resonant actuators

LRAs separate vibration amplitude and frequency for greater control


brushless vibration motors improves motors' service life brushless vibrators

Long life brushless vibration motors

The removal of brushes from these motors' cores improves their longevity


using vibration to relieve pain

Massage and stimulation apps

Relaxation Products use vibrations to help ease muscles


z axis linear resonant actuator

Pager motors / ERM motors

Tiny eccentric rotating mass vibration motors for handheld