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Large vibra motors - big vibration


If you've ended up here, you're probably looking to vibrate something really large and heavy. These motors are often known as vibrating motors, vibratory motors, or industrial vibrating motors. Unfortunately for us, we don't sell them. Fortunately for you however, there appear to be two well known suppliers that do:




We're not affiliated with any of these companies, and have had no experience dealing with them. They appeared prominently in our marketing research for motors of this size.


The vibra motors they sell are used for industrial plants, setting concrete, feeding large hoppers and chutes etc.



But maybe you're looking for smaller vibration motors?


The vibration motors that we sell by contrast are often used for hoppers and chutes as well, but of the smaller bench-top variety. Alternatively, our vibra motors are used extensively in hand-held instruments, mobile phones, game controllers and applications where vibration feedback is useful to the operator.



Nano Planetary

The world's smallest range of reduction gear motors for portable and miniaturised equipment.



Micro Spur

Precision metal spur-geared DC motors

for small loads with a wide range

of configurations.


Miniature Spur

Our Largest DC reduction gear motors for larger loads, based on heavy-duty spur gearboxes.

But, we also sell a Uni Vibe range of DC vibration motors that are used extensively in:


- Automotive vibration motors,
- Massager vibrating motors and vibrators (adult toys),
- Mechanical aid vibrating motors,
- Emulsification / mixing micronised powders with vibration motors

We sell a wide range of vibration motors for these applications, off-the-shelf in 1+ quantities, but we can also customise the vibrators to specific needs.


small gear motor high torque low speed gear box dura vibe nano planetary geared dc motors miniature spur dc gear motor pid controllers feedback control dura vibe nano planetary geared dc motors miniature spur dc gear motor micro spur dc gear motor


Customized Gear Motor

Small Gear motor, high torque

at low speed, suitable for small diameter, low noise, and high torque applications. Gear box.



Planetary Gear Types

Investigate planetary motors gearheads widely applied to your customized production application.DC Gear motors.


PID Controllers

PID controllers use feedback improve positioning control in many actually fundational use with gear motors. Gear house


Gearmotor - Mini Diameter

We have very large interesting selections of tiny gear motors for small applications. Such as the haptic feedback alerting.


We also know a lot about vibration and how to use most effectively and a wide range of applications. Send our application engineers an email if you have a vibration generation problem.


gear motor applications automotive applications gear motor applications medical equipments gear reduction motor reduce motor robot parts drives nano planetary geared dc motors


Automotive Applications

With the increased automation of cars, Gear motor is used to enable a widely range of high-end features. Gear motor



Medical Equipments

Gear motor is used in a wide variety of medical equipment and it also becomes a key component of various instruments.


Robot Parts Drivers

Gear motors will be an important role in driving gear robotic arms to help to point the locations. DC gear reduction motor.


industrial lines drive choose geared motors gear reduction motors


industrial lines drive choose geared motors gear reduction motors gear motors with bracket


Industrial Lines Drive

Gear reduction motor is used to drive the industrial Products to move slowly in an assembly line position. Gear reduction motors can help reduction industrial machinery and Products processes of effective work. AC/DC gear reduction motors.



Power Transmission and Drive Applications

Continuous drive mechanism, such as blenders and product lines in need/high-torque gear motor, making it orderly, also need gear motors with a longer service life need gear motors have a longer service life. DC gear reduction motors.



vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

Personal Electronics Applications

By adding haptic effects, it gives the user tactile feedback rather than just audible feedback.


vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

Automotive Vibration Applications

Driver distraction has become a areally significant issue in automotive user interfaces.


Medical Care Applications

Portable medical devices often use audible or visual alerts to notify the patient of potential issues.


vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

White Goods & Other Industrial

HMI start to develop more tablet-like control panels, the number of touch screens used in application is increasing


car automotive gear motor automobile dashboard gera reduction motor

Car and automotive applications

Vibrations can be used in automobiles

to enable a variety of features


dura vibe vibrations long-life durable vibe motor brushless technology stable performance motor

Dura vibration motors

These long-life and durable vibration motors are based on brushless motor technology for lasting performance.


packaged vibration motors external moving motors applications

Encapsulated vibration motors

Encapsulated motors have no external moving parts, ideal for many applications