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  • * Touch Screen Feedback
  • * Simulations haptic feedback
  • * Video game and other feedback applications

Encapsulated vibration motor




This is a fully encapsulated DC vibration motor has many applications in today's market. This waterproof vibration motor can be used to provide feedback in a human interface system where touch is utilized. The waterproof vibration motor are small and compact which allows you to install them into an application where space is a vital commodity. These are quality waterproof vibration motors that can be used in the medical, plastic automotive, and consumer application and product.


Key Features:

* Get the feedback you desire without a lot of extra noise
* Rotation can be CW or CCW, giving you more applicable capabilities
* Rated at 3 V(DC), giving you a low-power solution for user.


Encapsulated / enclosed overmoldable cylindrical waterproof vibrator motor


Cylinder type water-resistant strong vibration motor with capsule, 7mm diameter for massager


Plastic Capsule

Water Resistant Design


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- Technical requirements:
- Rated voltage: 3V DC
- Rated current: ≤250mA
- Rated speed: 12,000±2,500rpm
- Operating voltage: 2.2~3.8V DC
- Starting current: ≤680mA
- Terminal resistance: 5.5Ω±20%
- Starting voltage: ≤1.7V DC
- Axial end play: 0.1~0.3mm
- Unmarked tolerance: ±0.1mm
- Total length including capsule: 24.9
- Counterweight dimension: R3.2*5.3





D7 x L24.5 Encapsulated Waterproof Vibration Motor for Plastic Injection Assembly


Metal Capsule

Overmoldable & Water Proof


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  • - Diameter of motor body: 7.0mm
  • - Overall Length: 24.5mm
  • - Encapsulated waterproof effect
  • - Rated voltage: 1.3V DC
  • - Rated speed: 13,800±2,500rpm
  • - Rated current maximum: 185mA
  • - Starting voltage: 0.8V DC
  • - Starting current maximum: 400mA
  • - Operating voltages: 1.0 to 2.0V DC
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D7 x L24.5 Encapsulated Waterproof Vibrating Motor Overview Drawing





size (mm)

rated voltage operating range


rated current

terminal resistance

starting voltage

stall current


V r/min mA


V mA
E0724-A Ø 7x24 mm 1.5 1.0~3.7 11000±2000 60 15±5% 0.8 150 Max
E0724-B Ø 7x24 mm 3.0 1.0~3.7 22000±2000 100 15±5% 0.8 280 Max



Typical applications for these  encapsulated vibration motors include:


Our line of enclosed vibration motors are either available with either a plastic capsule made of polystyrene or a metal capsule made of nickel plated steel. Waterproof vibration motors that make use our metal capsule design are fully encapsulated and may be over molded. They incorporate a plastic cap at the end of the capsule that is epoxied in place to prevent intrusion of liquids and are water proof. The wires that pass through this cap are epoxied as well. Encapsulated vibrating motors are best suited for any of applications that require the electronics assembly to be potted, over molded or fully submerged in a liquid. It may also be suitable for applications that require a waterproof vibration motor that is intrinsically safe. As of this time, we do not have an IS or IP rating for any of our parts. Models that make use of our plastic capsules may be used in less demanding applications and in most cases may be potted. We also make a coin vibration motor that is designed to be over moulded. Please contact us for further info regarding over mold applications.



  • - Haptic feedback & vibration alerting for consumer products.
  • - Industrial handheld equipment, such as harsh environment.
  • - Adult toys (waterproof vibration motor).
  • - Medical equipment, such as surface cleaned or sterilised.
  • - Performance indicators for athletes.
  • - Wearable vibrating sleeves to stimulate blood flow for fitness.
  • - Haptic feedback enabled clothing, allowing the operator to keep two hands free, useful for security purposes, musicians.
  • - Washable vibrating collars or clothing for animals.
  • - Vibration alerting, especially for industrial control panels.
  • - Sorting machines,
  • - Mixing Powders and emulsifying liquids,
  • - Aiding the movement of material down chutes, hoppers.
  • - Other applications which require a waterproof vibration motor.

- Bulkheads and ruggedised / industrial control panels or dashboards.


Of course, they are also ideal for applications where standard eccentric rotating mass (ERM) vibration motors are unsuitable - for example in environments where there are particles or debris.


 Encapsulated vibration motors designs


Encapsulated waterproof vibration motors are designed to be overmolded with low temperature / pressure plastics to make them fully watertight, or seal them for use in harsh (e.g. corrosive) environments. They essentially consist of a eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, housed in either a plastic or metal casing. Enclosed vibrator motors are designed like encapsulated vibration motors (without any external moving parts), but also include screw holes on the front most case plate. As a result their bodies are made from metal, unlike the distinctive red plastic you see on some of our encapsulated ERMs. All our encapsulated vibration motors are based on a coreless design. It is much easier to fully seal encapsulated vibration motors than other types of vibration motors, due to the lack of external moving parts. Other types, such as enclosed vibration motors or coin vibrator motors tend to have holes for electrical connection or fasteners, which makes them unsuitable for overmolding.


If not mounted through overmolding process, the alternative method for mounting would be to attach these encapsulated vibration motors to the application via a collet or similarly sized circular receptacle and secure either with a clamping screw or adhesive.


At a pinch, although we would not recommend this for anything beyond a quick prototype, you can also secure encapsulated vibration motors with a large dab of epoxy. The major attraction for these sealed vibrator motors is that they do not have any external moving parts. This is not possible with normal vibration motors because they may suffer from water damage. However using an encapsulated waterproof vibration motor which has been appropriately sealed (as discussed above in the OverMolding & Sealing section) will allow the clothing and haptic vibrations to be sweat and water resistant.


 Encapsulated vibration motors summary


Non-covered eccentric rotating mass waterproof vibration motors need space for the eccentric mass to move freely and generate vibration. If there is a chance that the offset mass can be obstructed then encapsulated waterproof vibration motors are a great solution. Our sealed waterproof vibration motors are resistant against water, dust and dirt. With some further sealing, they could be used in much harsher environments than other vibrating motors and made fully waterproof. In these examples, they still offer a similar level of performance to comparable non-encapsulated waterproof vibration motors. Our encapsulated vibration motors are built around NFP coreless motor technology, making them perfect for haptic feedback and vibration alerting, especially (if sealed) for wearable / washable applications.


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vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors
NullSpace Suit VR - feel virtual reality

Feedback pads with 32 independently activated vibration pads(micro vibrating motor) on the chest, abdomen, arms, shoulders, and hands.


car automotive gear motor automobile dashboard gera reduction motor

Axon Body 2 - police equipment

Vibrating Motors will be used for alerting when men in a very special environment, or exceptional circumstances.


vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors

White goods & other industrial
As industrial human machine interfaces (HMI) start to develop more tablet-like control panels, the number of the touch screens used in industrial applications is increasing.


vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors
Vibrating Underwear

The vibrating underwear announced by condom-maker Durex nearly has clearly touched a sensitive nerve around all over the world.


vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors
Medical Care

Portable medical devices often use the audible or visual alerts(by vibrating motors) to notify the ineed patient of potential issues.


vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors
Automotive - vibrating alert, touch screen

A major drawback of touch controls is the lack of tactile feedback. This can lead to the driver taking their eyes off the road to see if their input was accepted.


vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors

Personal electronics
By adding haptic effects, the personal electronics manufacturers can offer their product with tactile feedback rather than just audible feedback.


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