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Where can i find a dc motor? Need For Power motor specialises in the supply, design, and customisation of miniature DC motors. Our unique global structure, with extensive testing and quality control, enables our customers to access high performance parts at a fraction of the cost of Easten manufacturers.


Where to find dc motors? For more information on each of our product categories, simply click the appropriate image below. Although haptic feedback actually uses vibration motors, ERMs and LRAs, where to get dc motors? we have a large amount of information and guidance available.


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Current production products

PMD 304-106 5mm vibration motor 7mm type


 Q - coin vibration motor


We currently produces coin vibration motors, also known as shaftless or pancake vibrator motors, generally in φ8mm - φ12mm diameters coin vibration motors. Pancake motors(disc motor, pager motor) are compact and very convenient to use for any haptic feedback (force touch) applications. They integrate into many designs because they have no external moving parts, and can be affixed in place with a strong permanent self-adhesive mounting system.


Enclosures can easily be moulded to accept the coin form of our shaftless vibration motors. Within the coin motor range, we offer both leaded and spring & pad mountable versions. Like all of our vibration motors, we are happy to quote for variations to the base design such as a modification to the lead length and also connectors.


 Micro ERM vibration motor


Need-For-Power Electric DC Motors, the leader in global micro vibration motors supplier, offering custom engineering solutions based on a wide range of low voltage DC vibrating motor platforms. We have developed technical expertise particularly in ERM miniature vibration motors and linear resonant actuators (LRAs) used for haptic / tactile feedback and vibration alerting. Our understanding of vibration actuation is relied on by customers worldwide in handheld, medical, automotive, massaging and mechanical-aid applications. pmdc motor manufacturer, pmdc motor working.


We carry a wide range of products with a variety of frame sizes from as small as ˜4mm for same-day dispatch. We produce customised and high volume demands to order and frequently modify our base (stocked) parts upon request.


 Linear resonant actuator LRA


Within our Precision Haptic range of vibration motors, we offer several types of Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) vibration motors (also known as linear vibrators) such as ELV - 1030A, ELV - 1036A. LRA motors are different to Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) vibration motors in the way that they work theory and how long they can last their lifetime in your wearable feedback application.


When you have an application that requires a low power consumption, high amplitude, our Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) vibration motors as an alternative to long life brushless vibration motors is your best choice. However, please understand that such longer lifetime and control does come at a slightly increased cost of complexity.


Linear vibration motors are an excellent choice for haptic feedback applications requiring a device with high reliability and exceptionally long life. Compared to traditional ERM vibration motors, LRA’s are a superior choice for haptic applications due to their faster rise / fall times. Vibration energy is generated by an internal mass that oscillates back and forth along one axis at its resonant frequency.


Our LRA’s are designed to have a resonant frequency / vibration frequency in the 205 hz range which research has shown to be optimal for the nerve receptors of the skin. LRAs are an excellent alternative to brushless vibration motors as the only internal parts that are subject to wear and failure are its internal springs. Unlike conventional brushed DC vibration motors, linear resonant actuators must be driven by an AC signal at the devices resonant frequency. A number of companies make haptic IC drivers for linear vibration motors that supply the correct AC drive signals and contain a library of haptic effects you can choose from. These driver ICs also provide over drive and braking signals to the vibration motor which further improves rise and fall times thus providing a superior haptic feedback experience for the user. Unlike brushed ERM vibration motors, varying the amplitude of the applied voltage will only change the amplitude of the vibration force, not the frequency of vibration. The frequency of vibration is fixed at the LRA’s resonant frequency. Due to the LRA’s Hi-Q, applying a frequency above or below the resonant frequency of the LRA will result in the LRA producing a lower vibration amplitude or if far from the resonant frequency, no vibration at all.


We can produce following models with a quite cheap price compare to PMD (No middleman profits).

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car automotive gear motor automobile dashboard gera reduction motor

Car and automotive applications

Vibrations can be used in automobiles

to enable a variety of features


vibration motor pcb mounted vibration motors 3V DC vIbration motors
Precision haptic

A range of vibration actuators and driver ICs designed specifically for haptic feedback applications.


coin vibrate motors tiny vibration motors erms erm long work life

Coin vibration motors

These low profile motors are easily mounted and behave the same as ERMs


dura vibe vibrations long-life durable vibe motor brushless technology stable performance motor

Dura vibe

These long-life and durable vibration motors are based on brushless motor technology for lasting performance.


packaged vibration motors external moving motors applications

Encapsulated vibration motors

Encapsulated motors have no external moving parts, ideal for many applications


vibrating motors vibration motors pager erm motors

Enclosed vibration motors

These vibrator motors are cased in metal housing, with screw-holes to mount


handheld mobility handeld devices vibration motor precision haptic feedbacke touchscreen haptic feedback

Handheld / mobility applications

Handheld devices have a range of possible uses for vibrations


adult Products vibrationg moro's vibration frequency amplitude adjustment massager stimulation

Medical and health applications

Medical tools can greatly benefit from haptics or vibration alerting


vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

Vibration alerting applications

Vibrations are a great way of alerting operators to events

LRA linear Resonant seperate vibration amplitude vibrator frequency

Linear resonant actuators

LRAs separate vibration amplitude and frequency for greater control


brushless vibration motors improves motors' service life brushless vibrators

Long life brushless vibration motors

The removal of brushes from these motors' cores improves their longevity


z axis linear resonant actuator

Pager motors / ERM motors

Tiny eccentric rotating mass vibration motors for handheld


using vibration to relieve pain

Massage and stimulation apps

Relaxation Products use vibrations to help ease muscles