10mm Small Vibration Motor 3V ERM Motor-13mm Type Model NFP-P1013

Cylindrical Vibration Motor


10mm Diameter Pager Motor Model NFP-P1013 Parameters

– It’s a kind of brushed coreless vibration motor rated working speed: 8000rpm
– Motor dimension: 10mm x 13mm (D*L)
– Big eccentric rotating mass with long red, black wire length.
– Used in a lot of small electronic vibrating devices, wearable device, vibrobots, pager

Model NFP-P1013
Voltage 3.0V
Terminal resistance 10.592Ω
Rated speed 8,000rpm
Rated current 90mA
Eccentric Weight R4.5*4.0mm
Stall current 280mA


DC Coreless Brushed Motors Outline Drawing


Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor – ERMs Applications

  • Industrial Equipment (Vibration Alerting, Haptic Feedback)
  • Electronic Equipment (Mobile Phones, Camera, Baby Piano Music Mat, Shaver)
  • Medical Equipment (Taking patient’s temperature to diabetes screening; Alerting the user to events in potentially noisy environments; In neuropathy, test a patient’s response to varying levels of touch)

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