12mm Coreless DC Motor – 15mm Type Model NFP-D1215

12mm Coreless Motor, Coreless DC Motor


Small Coreless Motor Model NFP- D1215 Data Sheet

Coreless moving coil is light weight, superior in quick starting and stopping (high speed response). Motor control is simpler. Not having an iron core in the rotor prevents cogging caused by magnetic induction; hence the rotation is smooth, with minimum noise and vibration.

Model NFP- D1215-1-12.0 NFP- D1215-2-12.0
Voltage 12.0V 12.0V
Terminal resistance 20.8Ω 10.0Ω
No-load-speed 17,000rpm 24,500rpm
No-load-current 15mA 28mA
Stall torque 36.7g.cm 54g.cm
Stall current 580mA 1,200mA
Max output power 1.62W 3.37W
Max efficiency 71% 71%
Torque constant 65g.cm/A 46g.cm/A
Rotor inertia <0.15g.cm² <0.15g.cm²
Weight 7.5g 7.5g


12V Coreless Micro DC Motor Model NFP-D1215 Outline Drawing

NFP-D1215-coreless-micro-dc -motor

Coreless DC Motor Typical Applications

  • Robots, Pumps, Stirrer, Pans
  • Cameras, Audio Turntables, Automatic Drying Rack
  • Medical Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Smart Cars

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