Compact 12mm Brushless Motors – High Efficiency

Explore our 12mm small brushless motors: perfect for space-limited applications with their compact design and superior efficiency.

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12mm brushless motor

Efficient 12mm Mini Brushless Motors – Top Choice

12mm Drive Type

High power, efficiency, and reliability in a small footprint, ideal for various precision applications.

12mm Vibrate Type

Compact, powerful, designed for optimal tactile feedback in small-scale applications with high precision needs.

12mm Gear Type

Small size, high torque, precision engineering for compact applications, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

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Our in-house factory meets specific 12mm brushless motor requirements with customization options. Get tailored, efficient motors suited to your needs.

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Prototype Collaborators

Personalize prototype micro DC motors with 20-50 unit orders. Benefit from rapid international shipping via DHL/FedEx and reliable payment choices.

Fast Turnaround Time

Quick 5-7 day delivery for small orders. Receive datasheets and quotes within 8 hours. Comprehensive pre-shipment testing guaranteed for quality assurance.

High-Performance Motors

Select from over 100 motor models (Φ4 – Φ45mm). Benefit from complimentary connector mounts in samples and customizable wire leads. RoHS-compliant for assured quality.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Top ally for Kickstarter initiatives, providing advanced tech and power tools with tactile response for wearable tech applications.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Direct from our factory: motors ranging from Dia 3mm to 42mm. Eliminate middlemen for better pricing. Worldwide shipping and guaranteed quality.

No M0Q

Order flexibly with no minimum requirement. Catering to both small-scale and large-scale production. Benefit from our swift worldwide shipping.

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RoHS Compliance Assurance

Guaranteed RoHS compliance for safe, eco-friendly products. Trust in our commitment to environmental standards.

Exporting country

Motors exported to USA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Australia, and more, showcasing global reach and trust.

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Flexible payment options including PayPal and credit cards, accommodating diverse customer preferences and needs.

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"High performance and high quality and good value for its price, its vibration force was as expected, and the wires really strong. Excellent brushless vibration motor, a bit cheaper than our previous ones but running well too."

Grag Rullmen
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"Very nice package. This brushless dura vibe™ vibration motor is same as I bought from another online shop with a cheaper price, it is reliable and long life vibration alert functionality."

Carlos Villavicencio
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