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2021 All New 12V DC Vibration Motor

There are usually two types of vibration motors that are widely used, one is ERM type and the other is LRA type. Both of them can be provided by NFP-Motor. Generally, if need a strong vibration force the erm type is used, and it is not quite precise when compared with LRA type.

However it can provide a strong enough vibration amplitude. The miniature vibration motors can be used for indicators, when the warning occurs, timely provide vibration feedback alerting, so that the followers get a reminder. Usually erm type miniature vibration motors is cheaper. The ERM vibration motors is made of carbon brush type micro dc motor with an eccentric rotating mass on its shaft.

The vibration force or amplitude is usually depended on the rotation speed of the motor and the size of the eccentric rotating mass. For example, the radius and length of the eccentric rotating mass are proportional to each other. The higher the rotation speed, the stronger the vibration force, the larger the eccentric wheel size, the stronger the vibration amplitude.

Another should be considered is the Voltage. This motor can be fitted with a rubber sleeve to form a waterproof type vibration motor, it’s sealed to meet the needs of different scenes.

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We manufacture coin vibration motors in many different technologies. such as ERM type, Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) type and BLDC brushless type. Z – axis, X -axis directions vibration. Our team understands the unique requirements of our client. From 2015 our product line has a new expansion, a variety of brush motors, brushless motors, with gearbox/encoder types, planetary DC gear motors, precision microdrives, suitable for smart home, smart door locks, robots.


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NFP-RK370 12Volt

Diameter: φ20mm
Length: 30.7mm

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NFP-DH370 12 Volt

Diameter: φ24.2mm
Length: 30mm

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NFP-SH370 12Voltage

Diameter: φ24.2mm
Length: 30.7mm

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NFP-F280V 12V DC

Diameter: φ24mm
Length: 30mm

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NFP-180SHZ-B 12 V DC

Diameter: φ20.4mm
Length: 32mm

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Diameter: φ=42mm
Length: 66.3mm

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NFP-RC520 12 V DC

Diameter: φ32.8mm
Length: 22.6mm

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NFP-SH4575 12V DC

Diameter: φ44.5mm
Length: 75mm

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NFP-RK 370 12 V

Diameter: φ24mm
Length: 30.7mm

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Diameter: φ24.2mm
Length: 30.7mm

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NFP-SH385 12 V DC

Diameter: φ28.8mm
Length: 37.7mm

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NFP-DH555 12 Volt

Diameter: φ37.3mm
Length: 57mm

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NFP-775SHV 12 Volt

Diameter: φ45mm
Length: 66.5mm

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Small DC Motors Are Used In These Areas

Affected by the new crown epidemic, many customers are unable to visit the factory. For this reason, we have produced a live production video of the factory, which can take you to visit the factory.


Health Care Appliance

Tiny Vibration Motor Brushless Type Model NFP-WS0625 Used For Infrared Thermometer

Dive Watch Touch Screen

NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz Using in Sheawater Dive Computer Z-direction Feedback.


Laser Tag Equipment

Encapsulated vibration motor model NFP-E0724 using in Simulation Gun.


Gaming System Alerting

NFP-P0612 Pager motor used for Referee System RPS2156 for alerting.


Smart Ring For Emergency

NFP-RF2323 PCB SMD reflow vibration motors using in smart ring for emergency.


Lief Smart

Coin vibration motor NFP-C1020 using in wearable device to figth stress.


Sonar Smartwatch

NFP-ELV1411A linear vibration motor using in wearable device for haptic feedback


Swiftpoint Z Mouse

Linear resonant actuator NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz used to offer vibration feedback.


UV Monitor Shade

The Shade sensor automatically transmits your UV exposure.

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Detail customizations includes: custom wire length and wire gauge; encapsulation; gearing ratios; custom test reports; low temperature quali cation; connectors (e.g. Molex, JST); operating voltage; torque output; rear shaft; motor speed; vibration frequency; shaft length and features; eccentric mass design; vibration amplitude; custom gearbox; motor bearings; resonant frequency; rotary encoder

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