13mm Coreless Motor – 32mm Type Model NFP-1332R

13mm Coreless motor, Coreless DC Motor


Micro Coreless Motor Model NFP- D1332R Data Sheet

Motor model NFP-1332R-A NFP-1332R-B NFP-1332R-C NFP-1332R-D NFP-1332R-E
Rated voltage 3.7V 3.7V 3.8V 5V 12V
No-load speed 14,460rpm 12,000rpm 16,940rpm 10,000rpm 9,040rpm
No-load current 80mA 100mA 100mA 30mA 20mA
Nominal speed 12,800rpm 10,770rpm 15.400rpm 8,730rpm 7,910rpm
Nominal torque 1.5mNm 1.5mNm 1.5mNm 1.5mNm 1.5mNm
Nominal current 0.69A 0.64A 0.82A 0.35A 0.15A
Stall torque 13.7mNm 14.6mNm 16.4mNm 11.8mNm 12mNm
Stall current 5.69A 5.1A 7.76A 2.5A 1A
Max efficiency 79% 72% 78% 81% 72%
Terminal resistance 0.65Ω 0.73Ω 0.49Ω 12.42Ω
Torque constant 2.39mNm/A 2.39mNm/A 2.1mNm/A 4.68mNm/A 12.42mNm/A
Speed constant 3,908rpm/V 3,243rpm/V 4,458rpm/V 2,000rpm/V 753rpm/V


12V Coreless DC Motor Outline Drawing



Coreless DC Motor Typical Applications

  • Robots, Pumps, Stirrer, Pans
  • Cameras, Audio Turntables, Automatic Drying Rack
  • Medical Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Smart Cars

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