17mm Coreless Brushless Motors – 18mm Type Model NFP-1718RB

coreless brushless motor

6V 12V 24V DC 16mm Coreless Motor Parameters

Coreless BLDC Motor Typical Applications: Steering Gear, Intelligent Robot

Motor model NFP-1718RB-A NFP-1718RB-B NFP-1718RB-C NFP-1718RB-D NFP-1718RB-E
Nominal voltage 6V DC 7.4V DC 8.4V DC 12V DC 12V DC
No-load speed 17,800rpm 34,910rpm 32,000rpm 28,000rpm 24,900rpm
No-load current 116mA 224mA 220mA 150mA 110mA
Nominal speed 16,918rpm 33,339rpm 24,640rpm 24,920rpm 21,165rpm
Nominal torque 1mNm 1mNm 5mNm 2mNm 2mNm
Nominal current 0.42A 0.69A 2.14A 0.64A 0.54A
Stall torque 11.27mNm 21.6mNm 21.7mNm 18.51mNm 12.46mNm
Stall current 3.57A 10.88A 8.57A 4.62A 2.99
Max efficiency 72% 76% 74% 71% 70%
Terminal resistance 1.68Ω 0.68Ω 0.98Ω 2.6Ω 4.02Ω
Torque constant 3.16mNm/A 1.98mNm/A 2.46mNm/A 4.01mNm/A 4.51mNm/A
Speed constant 2,967rpm/V 4,718pm/V 3,810rpm/V 2,333rpm/V 2,075rpm/V


Brushless Type 12V Coreless DC Motor Key Features

Key feature Data
Ambient temperature -10℃-40℃
Max permissible winding temperature 120℃
Max permissible speed 40,000rpm
Number of the pole pairs 1
Number of the phase 3
Weight 21g


Low EMI High Efficiency Small Coreless Motor Graph


Lead wires specification 2651/28#
PIN3 Hall A
PIN4 Hall B
PIN5 Hall C


Brushless Coreless Motor NFP-1718RB-A Machanical Diagram



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