28mm Brushed DC Motor – 32mm Type Model NFP-RS-360A

HQ Brush DC Motor

Light Small Electric DC Motor Data Sheet

Model NFP-RS-360A-3623 NFP-RS-360A-59181 NFP-RS-360A-04122 NFP-RS-360A-04321
Voltage Range 3V-6V 6V-12V 4.5V-12V 12V-24V
Nominal Voltage 4.2V 7.2V 12V 12V
No-load Speed 9,500RPM 5,500RPM 13,500RPM 4,800RPM
No-load Current 0.48A 0.17A 0.4A 0.11A
Max Efficiency Speed 8,065RPM 4,153RPM 11,325RPM 3,903RPM
Max Efficiency Current 1.74A 0.49A 1.19A 0.24A
Max Efficiency Torque 57g.cm 48g.cm 88g.cm 40g.cm
Max Efficiency Torque 5.59mN.m 4.71mN.m 8.63mN.m 3.92mN.m
Max Efficiency Output 4.75W 2.04W 10.19W 1.59W
Max Efficiency 66% 60% 75% 55%
Stall Current 9.88A 1.9A 5.53A 0.87A
Stall Torque 403g.cm 229g.cm 511g.cm 184g.cm
Stall Torque 39.51mN.m 22.45mN.m 50.1mN.m 18.04mN.m


Space-Efficient And Powerful Small Brushed DC Motor Outline Drawing



Less Heat And Noise Brushed Motor Performance Curve


Flash Light, Pump, ATM, Ect.

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