28mm Brushed DC Motor – 46mm Type Model NFP-RS-395SH

HQ Brush DC Motor

28mm Large Torque RS-395 Motor 12V Datasheet

The brushed motor is the original type of motor used in RC vehicles and is still in use today. It uses two sets of rotating magnets, called armatures, to create rotational force.

Model NFP-RS-395SH-5722 NFP-RS-395SH-9303F NFP-RS-395SH-6642 NFP-RS-395SH-2552
Voltage Range 12V – 24V 6V – 24V 12V – 36V 12V – 24V
Nominal Voltage 12V 24V 30V 18V
No-load Speed 5,000RPM 19,600RPM 15,700RPM 12,500RPM
No-load Current 0.14A 0.52A 0.18A 0.32A
Max Efficiency Speed 4,177RPM 16,784RPM 13,900RPM 10,650RPM
Max Efficiency Current 0.55A 2.38A 1.12A 1.51A
Max Efficiency Torque 103g.cm 250g.cm 173g.cm 176g.cm
Max Efficiency Torque 10.10mN.m 24.51mN.m 16.96mN.m 17.25mN.m
Max Efficiency Output 4.42W 43.05W 24.89W 19.23W
Max Efficiency 68% 76% 77% 70%
Stall Current 3.23A 15.82A 9.07A 8.08A
Stall Torque 724g.cm 1,909g.cm 1,655g.cm 1,098g.cm
Stall Torque 70.98mN.m 187.16mN.m 162.25mN.m 107.65mN.m


Mini DC Motor RS-395 Parameters

One armature is inside the motor housing and is connected to the driveshaft. The other armature is on the outside of the housing and is connected to the wheels.

RS-395 Electric Motor Performance

The armatures are separated by a small air gap and as they rotate they create a magnetic field. This magnetic field interacts with the armatures to create rotational force.
Car Window Shade、Printer、Pump、Drill & Screwdriver

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