28mm Coreless Driving In Motor-67mm Type Model NFP-2867RB

28mm coreless motor

Effective  Coreless Motor Spec Sheet

Coreless Motor Typical Applications: Steering Gear, Intelligent Robot

Motor model NFP-2867RG NFP-2867RG
Nominal voltage 12V DC 24V DC
No-load speed 4,300rpm 4,200rpm
No-load current 90mA 60mA
Nominal speed 3,000rpm 3,000rpm
Nominal torque 30mNm 28mNm
Nominal current 1.2A 0.56A
Stall torque 101mNm 98mNm
Stall current 3.87A 1.83A
Max efficiency 75% 71%
Terminal resistance 3.1Ω 13.1Ω
Torque constant 26.13mNm/A 53.5mNm/A
Speed constant 358rpm/V 175rpm/V
  Closed-loop speed, the load is less than 30mNm, the motor speed is constant at 3,000rpm Closed-loop speed, the load is less than 28mNm, the motor speed is constant at 3,000rpm


Precise Electric Coreless  Motor Data Sheet

Key feature Data
Ambient temperature -10℃-40℃
Max permissible winding temperature 120℃
Max permissible speed  \rpm
Number of the pole pairs 1
Number of the phase 3
Weight 900g


28mm Coreless Driving In Motor Control Function

12V/24V; power  ≤ 72W (voltage 24V)

Working current < 2A (current limit 3A) anti-reverse connection with speed FG feedback(reverse polarity)

Shut down when VSP voltage <4.5V, 0.5V-4.5V speed range, 0V-5.0V maximum speed

Function: switch/forward and reverse conversion/speed brake

Maximum operating temperature + 105°C  Speed open loop Closed loop/speed feedback


High Torque Coreless Driving Motor Mechanical Diagram


Need-For-Power Motor