28mm Coreless Servo Motor-55Mm Type Model NFP-2855EM

28mm coreless servo motor

Effective Coreless Servo Motor Spec Sheet

Coreless Servo Motor Typical Applications: Steering Gear, Intelligent Robot

Motor model NFP-2855EM-A NFP-2855EM-B NFP-2855EM-C NFP-2855EM-D
Nominal voltage 12V DC 24V DC 36V DC 48V DC
No-load speed 7,870rpm 8,170rpm 8,011rpm 8,158rpm
No-load current 139mA 92mA 63mA 50mA
Nominal speed 6,925rpm 7,311rpm 7,129rpm 7,138rpm
Nominal torque 25mNm 25mNm 25mNm 25mNm
Nominal current 1.85A 0.99A 0.65A 0.49A
Stall torque 206mNm 238mNm 228mNm 197mNm
Stall current 14.45A 8.66A 5.42A 3.58A
Max efficiency 82% 82% 81% 80%
Terminal resistance 0.83Ω 2.77Ω 6.63Ω 13.4Ω
Torque constant 14.28mNm/A 27.51mNm/A 42.07mNm/A 55.09mNm/A
Speed constant 656rpm/V 340rpm/V 223rpm/V 170rpm/V


Precise Electric Coreless  Servo Motor Data Sheet

Key feature Data
Ambient temperature -40℃-100℃
Max permissible winding temperature 150℃
Max permissible speed  25,000rpm
Number of the pole pairs 1
Number of the phase 3
Weight 155g


Coreless Servo Motor Terminal Connection Data Sheet

Terminal A: JSTPHR-8 PH2.0  
1: HA 5: VVC
2: HB 6: Z
3: HC 7: B
4: GND 8: A
Terminal B: VHR-3N PH3.96 U|1430 AWG20PVC  
7: MA(blue) 9: MC(white)
8: MB(black)  


Coreless Servo Motor Encoder Data Sheet

Input voltage: DC 3.3V
Output signal : Incremental(ABZ)TTL
Resolution: 1~256PPR(optional)


High Torque Coreless Servo Motor Mechanical Diagram


Durable 22mm Coreless Servo Motor Performance Curve



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