7mm 3-3.7V DC Mini Micro Coreless Motor – 16mm Model NFP-D0716

7mm Coreless Motor, Coreless DC Motor


716 Brushed Coreless Motor Data Sheet

There is no radial force on the rotor and stator: because there is no iron core rotor, there is no radial magnetic force between the rotor and the stator
The speed curve is smooth and the noise is low: there is no silicon steel sheet with grooves, which reduces the harmonics of torque and voltage. At the same time, since there is no AC field in the motor, there is no AC noise. Only noise from bearings and airflow and vibration from non-sinusoidal currents.

Model NFP-D0716-1-3.0 NFP-D0716-2-3.4 NFP-D0716-3-3.7
Voltage 3V 3.4V 3.7V
Terminal resistance 0.7Ω 0.7Ω 0.9Ω
No-load-speed 48,000rpm 51,000rpm 49,000rpm
No-load-current 75mA 75mA 41mA
Stall torque 24.13g.cm 30.27g.cm 27.23g.cm
Stall current 4,400mA 5,110mA 4,000mA
Max output power 2.971W 3.961W 3.423W
Max efficiency 70% 73% 76%
Torque constant 5.6g.cm/A 6g.cm/A 6.9g.cm/A
Rotor inertia <0.06g.cm² <0.06g.cm² <0.06g.cm²
Weight 2.9g 2.9g 2.9g


7mm Diameter Coreless Motor NFP-D0716 Outline Drawing

NFP-D0716-coreless-micro-dc -motor

Powerful Tiny Brushed Coreless DC Motor Applications

Printers, Pagers, Fans, Massagers, Drones, Toy Cars, Kids Dancing Mats, Cameras, Small Door Locks, Blowers, Electric Screwdrivers, Lawn Mowers, Video Recorders, Fax Machines, Drills

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