32mm Coreless Brushless Motors – 70mm Type Model NFP-3270RB

coreless brushless motor

21V 40V DC High Efficiency Coreless Motor Spec Sheet

Coreless BLDC Motor Typical Applications: Steering Gear, Intelligent Robot

Motor model NFP-3270RB-A NFP-3270RB-D
Nominal voltage 21V DC 40V DC
No-load speed 15,000rpm 15,500rpm
No-load current 440mA 190mA
Nominal speed 13,275rpm 13,800rpm
Nominal torque 100mNm 100mNm
Nominal current 8.17A 4.37A
Stall torque 887mNm 966mNm
Stall current 67.74A 40A
Max efficiency 85% 87%
Terminal resistance 0.31Ω
Torque constant 13.11mNm/A 24.16mNm/A
Speed constant 714rpm/V 388rpm/V


Long Wears Life DC Brushless Motor Key Features

Key feature Data
Ambient temperature -10℃-40℃
Max permissible winding temperature 120℃
Max permissible speed 20,000rpm
Number of the pole pairs 1
Number of the phase 3
Weight 225g


Long Lifetime Brushless Coreless Motor Mechanical Dimension


Terminals’ definition /
PIN1-PIN3 Motor winding C B A
PIN5-PIN7 Sensor HC


Coreless Brushless DC Motors NFP-3270RB-A Graph



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