3V, 6V, 12V DC Micro Metal Gearmotor Model NFP-JGA12-N20

Small Gear Motor

NFP-JGA12-N20 DC Gear Motor Data Sheet

1. Versatile Performance: The N20 DC gear motor is known for its versatile performance and wide range of applications. It is commonly used in robotics, DIY projects, electronic lock systems, surveillance equipment, and more.

2. Compact and Powerful: Despite its compact size, the N20 motor delivers impressive power with high torque output. Its small form factor makes it ideal for applications where space is limited.

3. Precise Speed Control: The N20 motor offers precise speed control, allowing users to adjust the rotational speed according to their specific requirements. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications that require accurate motion control.

4. Durable and Reliable: Built with high-quality materials, the N20 motor is designed to withstand continuous use and provide long-lasting performance. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability, even in demanding environments.

5. Easy to Install: The N20 motor is user-friendly and easy to install. It comes with mounting holes for convenient integration into various projects. Additionally, many sellers on Amazon provide detailed instructions and technical support to assist users during the installation process.

Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-0375, 3V DC, 7,500RPM, 0.2W
Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
5 1,500rpm 0.02A 1,154rpm 0.06A 3.75g.cm 11g.cm 0.21A
10 750rpm 0.02A 577rpm 0.06A 7.5g.cm 23g.cm 0.21A
20 375rpm 0.02A 288rpm 0.06A 15g.cm 46g.cm 0.21A
30 250rpm 0.02A 192rpm 0.06A 22.5g.cm 68g.cm 0.21A
50 150rpm 0.02A 115rpm 0.06A 37.5g.cm 114g.cm 0.21A
100 75rpm 0.02A 57rpm 0.06A 67.5g.cm 195g.cm 0.21A
150 50rpm 0.02A 38rpm 0.06A 100g.cm 293g.cm 0.21A
210 35.5rpm 0.02A 27rpm 0.06A 140g.cm 408g.cm 0.21A
298 25rpm 0.02A 19rpm 0.06A 200g.cm 580g.cm 0.21A
380 19.5rpm 0.02A 15rpm 0.06A 256.5g.cm 740g.cm 0.21A
1000 7.5rpm 0.02A 5rpm 0.06A 500g.cm 1,500g.cm 0.21A


Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-06100, 6V DC, 10,000RPM, 0.6W
Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
5 2,000rpm 0.02A 2,308rpm 0.10A 5g.cm 15g.cm 0.25A
10 1,000rpm 0.02A 1,154rpm 0.10A 10g.cm 30g.cm 0.25A
20 500rpm 0.02A 577rpm 0.10A 20g.cm 60g.cm 0.25A
30 333rpm 0.02A 384rpm 0.10A 30g.cm 90g.cm 0.25A
50 200rpm 0.02A 231rpm 0.10A 50g.cm 150g.cm 0.25A
100 100rpm 0.02A 115rpm 0.10A 100g.cm 300g.cm 0.25A
150 66rpm 0.02A 77rpm 0.10A 150g.cm 450g.cm 0.25A
210 47rpm 0.02A 55rpm 0.10A 210g.cm 630g.cm 0.25A
298 33rpm 0.02A 39rpm 0.10A 298g.cm 894g.cm 0.25A
380 26rpm 0.02A 30rpm 0.10A 380g.cm 1,140g.cm 0.25A
1000 10rpm 0.02A 11rpm 0.10A 1,000g.cm 3,000g.cm 0.25A


Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-06150, 6V DC, 15,000RPM, 0.7W
Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
5 3,000rpm 0.03A 2,308rpm 0.12A 7.5g.cm 23g.cm 0.43A
10 1,500rpm 0.03A 1,154rpm 0.12A 15g.cm 46g.cm 0.43A
20 750rpm 0.03A 577rpm 0.12A 30g.cm 91g.cm 0.43A
30 500rpm 0.03A 384rpm 0.12A 45g.cm 135g.cm 0.43A
50 300rpm 0.03A 231rpm 0.12A 75g.cm 228g.cm 0.43A
100 150rpm 0.03A 115rpm 0.12A 135g.cm 390g.cm 0.43A
150 100rpm 0.03A 77rpm 0.12A 200g.cm 585g.cm 0.43A
210 71rpm 0.03A 55rpm 0.12A 280g.cm 815g.cm 0.43A
298 50rpm 0.03A 39rpm 0.12A 400g.cm 1,160g.cm 0.43A
380 39rpm 0.03A 30rpm 0.12A 513g.cm 1,480g.cm 0.43A
1000 15rpm 0.03A 11rpm 0.60A 1,000g.cm 3,000g.cm 0.43A


Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-12200, 12V DC, 20,000RPM, 1.92W
Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
5 4,000rpm 0.035A 4,616rpm 0.16A 10g.cm 30g.cm 0.50A
10 2,000rpm 0.035A 2,308rpm 0.16A 20g.cm 60g.cm 0.50A
20 1000rpm 0.035A 1,154rpm 0.16A 40g.cm 120g.cm 0.50A
30 666rpm 0.035A 768rpm 0.16A 60g.cm 180g.cm 0.50A
50 400rpm 0.035A 462rpm 0.16A 100g.cm 300g.cm 0.50A
100 200rpm 0.035A 230rpm 0.16A 200g.cm 600g.cm 0.50A
150 133rpm 0.035A 154rpm 0.16A 300g.cm 900g.cm 0.50A
210 95rpm 0.035A 110rpm 0.16A 420g.cm 1,260g.cm 0.50A
298 67rpm 0.035A 78rpm 0.16A 596g.cm 1,788g.cm 0.50A
380 52rpm 0.035A 60rpm 0.16A 760g.cm 2,280g.cm 0.50A
1000 20rpm 0.035A 22rpm 0.16A 2,000g.cm 6,000g.cm 0.50A


Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-12300, 12V DC, 30,000RPM, 2.4W
Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed (rpm) Current (A) Speed (rpm) Current (A) Torque (g.cm) Torque (g.cm) Current (A)
5 6000rpm 0.05A 4,616rpm 0.20A 15g.cm 45g.cm 0.85A
10 3,000rpm 0.05A 2,308rpm 0.20A 30g.cm 91g.cm 0.85A
20 1,500rpm 0.05A 1,154rpm 0.20A 60g.cm 182g.cm 0.85A
30 1,000rpm 0.05A 768rpm 0.20A 90g.cm 270g.cm 0.85A
50 600rpm 0.05A 462rpm 0.20A 150g.cm 455g.cm 0.85A
100 300rpm 0.05A 230rpm 0.20A 270g.cm 780g.cm 0.85A
150 200rpm 0.05A 154rpm 0.20A 400g.cm 1,170g.cm 0.85A
210 142rpm 0.05A 110rpm 0.20A 560g.cm 1,630g.cm 0.85A
298 100rpm 0.05A 78rpm 0.20A 800g.cm 2,320g.cm 0.85A
380 78rpm 0.05A 60rpm 0.20A 1,026g.cm 2,960g.cm 0.85A
1000 30rpm 0.05A 22rpm 0.20A 2,000g.cm 6,000g.cm 0.85A


N20 Gear Motors Electric Gear Box Motor Outline Drawing



High-Power Micro Metal Gearmotors Applications

Small Door Locks, Precision Instruments, Adult Products, Shared Power Bank, Label Printer, Barcode Printer, Robots, Security Monitoring Facilities, Medical Equipment

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