3V Small Vibration Motor NFP-C0820L Used For UPRIGHT Posture Training Device


Coin Vibration Motors Used For posture training decive in using the necklace or theadhesive

This UPRIGHT is for correcting people’s body posture in 14 days, adopts health habits naturally with the UPRIGHT GO2. Prevent and relieve pain that comes from sitting for hours on end by developing better posture awareness and body focus. There are three significant effects, one is to improve body alignment, the other is to strengthen back muscles, and the third is to develop core strength. Coin type vibration motor model NFP-C0820L is inside it welded onto the PCB board to offer vibration feedback. Recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Small Vibration Motor Highlights: It is compact and easy to use, and it is a component that requires no external movement. NFP-C0820L is suitable for light wearable devices (Such as “UPRIGHT ” that is close to the skin), 3V, 8mm. It can be driven by DC voltage or PWM signal. A driver IC is not required but can be used to produce various haptic effects. Reliable Quality Button Motors with Custom Cord Lengths and Connectors – Fast Shipping – Small Orders Acceptable. It is currently compatible with a wide range of micro vibration motors.

mini vibration motor for wearbrable device


8 mm Micro Vibration Motor Model NFP-C0820L Parameter

Motor Model:


Wire Length:


Rated Voltage:

3.0V DC

Operating Voltage:

2.3~4.0V DC


CM(clockwise) or CCW(Contrary clockwise)

Rated speed:

13000±2500rpm min

Rated current:

80mA Max

Starting current:

120mA Max

Starting voltage:

2.3V DC Max

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