6mm Tiny Coreless Vibration Motor – 12.2mm Length Model NFP-P0612-4410

Cylindrical Vibration Motor


6mm Coreless Vibration Motor Model NFP-P0612-4410 Data Sheet

4 mm diameter, 12 mm length small vibration motors widely used for small media devices. Operators can rely on the sense of touch These tiny vibration motors can be handcrafted into any shape the users wishes. They have grown alongside the cell phone industry, where they are still extremely popular in smartphones. 

Model NFP-P0612-4410
Voltage 3V
Terminal resistance 29.4Ω
Rated speed 10,000rpm
Rated current 33mA
Eccentric Weight R3.0*4.2mm
Stall current 100mA


DC Vibration Motors NFP-P0612-4410 Outline Drawing

Cylindrical vibrating motors are the best choices for many wearable applications just because of their small compact sizes and enclosed vibration mechanism. They are great for haptic feedback, particularly in handheld devices.


ERM Small Vibration Motor Applications

Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor has a small unbalanced mass attached to the DC motor axle that creates a displacement force when rotating. Commonly used in toys, wearable devices, pagers, smart phones, handsets, game controllers, smart watch.

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