4mm Micro Vibration Motor – 11mm Wire Length ERM Motor Model NFP-P0411-27

Cylindrical Vibration Motor


4mm Coreless Motor Model NFP-P0411-272 Parameters

In handheld devices or instruments with touchscreen interfaces, ERM Vibration motor can enable Vibration Alerting or Haptic Feedback features. They have wire leads attached that are color coded and have 2 mm pre-stripped and tinned ends. We can customise lead lengths and add a range of connectors as specified. Our pager motors also come in a number of other form factors that make retrofit and design integration easier.

Model NFP-P0411-272
Voltage 1.5V
Terminal resistance 18.679Ω
Rated speed 11,500rpm
Rated current 32mA
Eccentric Weight R2.0*3.0mm
Stall current 80mA


4mm Mini Vibration Motors NFP-P0411-272 Outline Drawing


ERM Tiny Vibration Motor Applications

Bristle Bots, Brushbots, Vibrobots, Beam Bots
Remote Control Aircraft, Miniature Trains, Radio Control Remote, Toys, Game Pads
Camera, Electric Shaver, Mobile Devices, Vibration Series Of Mobile Phones, Massage, Medical, Electric Toothbrushes, Pager

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