4mm Small Vibration Motor – 8mm Length Micro Coreless Motor Model NFP-P0408

Cylindrical Vibration Motor


Smallest Vibration Motor Model NFP-P0408 Data Sheet

Eccentric rotating mass vibration motor is a simple device. Whilst they are not incredibly high-tech, they are used in automobiles to provide haptic feedback in touch screen displays and dashboards, including as central controls for many switches and for built-in satellite navigation systems that provide early warning signals to engine overheating and electrical short-circuiting.

Model NFP-P0408
Voltage 3.0V
Terminal resistance 88.7Ω
Rated speed 11,500rpm
Rated current 18mA
Eccentric Weight R2.0*2.0mm
Stall current 35mA


4mm Coreless ERM Pager Vibration Motor Outline Drawing

NFP-P0408-small-vibration -motor

Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor Applications

  • Used in numerous material handling devices like conveyors, feeders, and vibrating screens;
  • Used in hoppers, silos to stop blocking of the flow of material;
  • Used in compacting machines & foundry shakeouts for quick & proficient operation.


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