6mm DC 3V 8200RPM Vibration Vibrating Motor – 15mm Model NFP-P0615-4302

Cylindrical Vibration Motor


6mm Vibration Motor Model NFP-P0615-4302 Data Sheet

The advantages of the Micro vibration motor are that it is easy to implement and low in cost, and at the same time greatly enhances the interaction between the device and the user. This is one of the obvious benefits of the phone, when the device is in your pocket, you can receive notifications without disturbing those around you.

Model NFP-P0615-4302
Voltage 3V
Terminal resistance 29.4Ω
Rated speed 8,200rpm
Rated current 58mA
Eccentric Weight R3.0*4.5mm
Stall current 100mA


Micro DC Vibration Motor NFP-P0615-4302 Outline Drawing

The small vibration motor of series is based on a brushed brushed cylinder design. For large quantities, we can customize the length of the lead as required. Our pager motors also have many other form factors, making retrofitting and design integration easier.


Eccentric Rotating Mass Small Vibration Motor Applications

The application range of using these micro vibration motors is very wide, which can provide vibration alarm notification and tactile feedback. Such As:  Smartphones, Tablets, Speakers, Video Game Devices, Digital Cameras, Watches, Wristbands, Flashlights, Smart Fishing Rod

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