6mm Diameter Coreless DC Motor – 14mm Length Type Model NFP-D0614

6mm Coreless Motor, Coreless DC Motor


Micro Motors 14mm Length Type Model NFP-D0614 Data Sheet

Coreless DC motors use ironless, self-supporting coil design. Thanks to this design, the drives convince with extremely low rotor inertia, unique dynamics and without cogging, precise running. Its precision and reliability have opened up new avenues for a wide variety of application areas. From medical applications to aerospace and even factory automation and robotics

Model NFP-D0614-1-3.7 NFP-D0614-2-3.0
Voltage 3.7V 3V
Terminal resistance 3.5Ω 9.7Ω
No-load-speed 43,000rpm 18,000rpm
No-load-current 30mA 5mA
Stall torque 7.85g.cm 4.53g.cm
Stall current 1,050mA 310mA
Max output power 0.866W 0.209W
Max efficiency 65% 71%
Torque constant 7.7g.cm/A 14.9g.cm/A
Rotor inertia <0.03g.cm² <0.03g.cm²
Weight 1.6g 1.6g


6mm Micro Coreless Motor NFP-D0614 Outline Drawing


Small Coreless DC Motor Applications

Medical Products, Beauty Instrument, Security, Electrical Tools, E-Cigarette, Electric Ear Scoop, Thermometer, Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Social Distancing Reminder Wristband, Police Camera, Conference equipment with touch screen

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