6mm Long lifetime Coreless Micro DC Motor – 12mm Model NFP-D0612

6mm Coreless Motor, Coreless DC Motor


Mini Coreless Motor Model NFP-D0612 Parameter

Firstly, the efficiency of the coreless motors is higher because magnetic losses are lower. Secondly, since the windings are closer to the motor case, they can radiate unwanted heat better and therefore deliver higher power. The brushes mean that commutation is mechanical, and these motors can therefore be driven with a simple DC voltage. We typically use coreless motors for highly miniaturised and high performance applications, lower volume industrial, instrument medical applications.

Model NFP-D0612-1-3.7 NFP-D0612-2-3.4
Voltage 3.7V 3.4V
Terminal resistance 4.1Ω 1.7Ω
No-load-speed 60,000rpm 66,000rpm
No-load-current 41mA 65mA
Stall torque 4.66g.cm 9.01g.cm
Stall current 900mA 2,040mA
Max output power 0.718W 1.526W
Max efficiency 58% 63%
Torque constant 5.4g.cm/A 4.6g.cm/A
Rotor inertia <0.03g.cm² <0.03g.cm²
Weight 1.35g 1.35g


6mm Micro Coreless Motor NFP-D0612 Outline Drawing


Micro Coreless DC Motor Applications

Car Seat, Massager, Fascia Gun, 3D Naked Eye Vr, Razor, Washing Machine, Door Lock, Fan, Water Pump, Toy Car, Digital Camera, Drone, Electronic Lock, Touch Sensory Gloves, Vending Machine, Payment Device

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