7mm 3V DC Small Vibrating Motor – 16mm Type Model NFP-P0716-0-1515

Cylindrical Vibration Motor


7mm 3V DC Cylindrical Vibration Motor Data Sheet

Eccentric rotating mass vibration motors form our main product line and have been our core business since NFP-motor was established. they are also called pager motors. They use a miniature eccentric rotating mass, so they are often abbreviated as “ERM motors.” Our series is designed for portable devices lightweight and convenient.

Model NFP-P0716-0-1515
Voltage 3V
Terminal resistance 22.2Ω
Rated speed 8,000rpm
Rated current 22mA
Eccentric Weight R3.4*4.2mm
Stall current 135mA


Pager Motor Small Vibration Model NFP-P0716-0-1515 Outline Drawing

ERMs are such a typical base design that we have made them available in a wide range of form factors to suit all kinds of applications.


Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor Applications

– It’s widely applied to Electric Toothbrushes, Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, Personal Care, Health Product Equipment, DIY toy, Intelligent Model Car, Remote Control Car, Planes, Boat, Etc.

– Using them to make bristle bots, brushbots

– Making science projects in school

– 0716 is a well-balanced vibration motor, for Electric Toothbrush, Massagers


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