7mm Micro Coreless Motor – 20mm Length Model NFP-D0720

7mm Coreless Motor, Coreless DC Motor


3V Small Coreless Motor Model NFP-D0720 Performance

– Energy saving: The hollow cup motor has high conversion efficiency, and the general efficiency is above 70%;
– Sensitive control: fast starting, braking, and fast response, it is convenient to adjust the speed sensitively under high-speed – operation, and the operation is stable and reliable, and the speed fluctuation is small;
– Low starting torque: no hysteresis loss, no cogging, and low starting torque.

Model NFP-D0720-2184-1-3.0 NFP-D0720-2184-2-3.0 NFP-D0720-2184-3-3.4
Voltage 3V 3V 3.4V
Terminal resistance 0.4Ω 0.5Ω /
No-load speed 49,000rpm 42,000rpm 44,000rpm
No-load current <86mA <67mA <160mA
Stall torque 36.47g.cm 35.06g.cm /
Stall current 6,730mA 5,540mA <6.5A
Max output power 4.585W 3.778W /
Max efficiency 73% 74% /
Torque constant 5.5g.cm/A 6.4g.cm/A /
Rotor inertia <0.06g.cm² <0.06g.cm² /
Weight 3.7g 3.7g 3.7g


7mm DC Drive Motor Model NFP-D0720-2184 Outline Drawing

NFP-D0720-2184-coreless-micro-dc -motor

Coreless Micro DC Motor Typical Applications

Electric Toys Like Train Model, Railway Kits, Train Toys, Railway Modeling, Faller Car System, Model Train, Razors, Personal Alarms, Communication Devices, Button Feedback, Massager Bras

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