8mm Coreless DC Brush Motor – 16mm Type Model NFP-D0816-4198

8mm Coreless Motor, Coreless DC Motor


9mm Small Coreless DC Motor Data Sheet

Motor model NFP-D0816-4198
Rated voltage 3.4V
Motor diameter 8.1mm ± 0.1mm
Shaft length 4.9mm ± 0.3mm
Total length 21.6mm ± 0.3mm
Motor body length 16.7mm ± 0.2mm
Resistance 100V >5MΩ
Rotation CW
Stall current <5.5A
Start voltage <0.8V
No-load speed 36,000 ± 10%rpm
No-load current <100mA
Connector Red Color House Molex 51021-0200 1.25mm Pitch


Micro Coreless Motor NFP-D0615 Motor Outline Drawing



8mm Coreless DC Motor Applications

Metal Detectors, Personal Navigators, Cooking Machines, Juice Blender, Tattoo Machine, Foot Massage, Sleep Mask, Camera, Forklift Collision Warning Equipment, Breathing Monitoring Wearables, Pool Watch, Handheld Label Printer, Toxic Gas Monitor

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