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Application NFP-ELV1030AS Linear Vibration Motor Used For Traffic Dotknij Touch - PUSH BUTTONS

Push Buttons are used on crossings with traffic lights. When you touch the button, the LRA will make a vibration for haptic feedback. Auto-calibration function calibrates the touch sensor to the environment (rain, snow, dust). Contact sensor NO / NC – on the button cover there is a sign DOTKNIJ / TOUCH.


Push Buttons were equipped with a variety of practical functions, facilitating crossing the street for a person visually or hearing impaired.

  • - They can be a homing beacon for a visually impaired person (with the tone regulation adjustable to the surroundings)
  • - The only button with the state and confirmation animation in LED on the markeT
  • - Automatically checks if the touch panel is blocked (anti-block function)
  • - Auto-calibration function calibrates the touch sensor to the environment (rain, snow, dust)
  • - Acoustic confirmation
  • - Homing tone when the red light is on
  • - A crease was made on the right side in following dimensions: 150 × 25 × 0.2 mm (HxWxD) for a logo or information about the crossing topology for the blind.

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Z - Direction Linear Vibrator Key Specifications/Special Features:

Model: NFP - ELV1030AS
Diameter of motor body: 10.0mm
Thickness of the LRA: 3.0mm
Vibration condition: 5.0m/s^2 at 100g Cubic Fixture(Organic Class)
Vibration Resonance Frequency: 175±5Hz
Nominal Operating current: 80mA max
Rated voltage: 2.0Vrms
Terminal Resistance: (25±20%)Ω
Mechanical Noise: 50dBA Max at 10cm
Operating Temperature Range: -20℃ to +70℃
Storage Temperature Range: -40℃ to +80℃
Samples lead time: 2~3 days to worldwide

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