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Mobile Phone Vibrating Motors ReplacementCell phone vibration motor develops with the mobile phone industry. The earliest cellphone vibration motor is used in the pager to provide a vibration reminder function. As the mobile phone replaces the previous generation product pager, cell phone vibration motor also changed. 4 types of cellphone vibration motor

1. X-Y Axis – ERM Cylindrical Shape
2. X-Y Axis – ERM Pancake/Coin Shape Vibration Motor
3. Z – Axis – Coin Type Linear Resonant Actuator
4. X – Axis – LVM-Series Linear Vibration Motors

Cell Phone Vibration Motors Category

  • Model: ERM – eccentric rotating mass vibrating motors
  • Type: Pager Motors, Cylindrical Vibrators
  • Description: High Efficiency, Cheap Price

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  • Model: ERM – eccentric rotating mass vibration motor
  • Type: Pager Motors, Cylindrical Vibrators
  • Description: High Efficiency, Cheap Price, Compact To Use

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  • Type: Linear Resonant Actuator
  • Application: Cell phone vibration motor
  • Features: Long Lifetime, Fast Response, Precision Haptic

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  • Type: Apple All Series Taptic Engines
  • Application: Phone Vibration Motor
  • Features: High Quality, Apple Original Replacement

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  • Type: Retangular Linear Resonant Actuator
  • Application: Huawei Mate 30 Pro Phone, Touch Screen
  • Features: X-Axis Linear Vibration Motor

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The initial application of the portable phone motor multi-position pager motor, which is cylindrical, generates a vibration through the vibration motor’s eccentric rotation mass.

And later time, it developed into an erm flat vibration motor, but the vibration principle is similar to the cylindrical type, except that the eccentric rotating mass is inside the metal capsule. Both of them are ERM, X-Y axis vibration.

The two vibration motors are characterized by low price, easy to use, can be made as lead wired types, spring contract type, PCB through type, SMT, SMD types, and a variety of connection methods are extremely convenient, however nothing can be perfect, ERM eccentric rotating mass vibration motor also has its unsatisfactory aspects. For example, short lifetime, weak vibration force, and slow response time and break time are all shortcomings of ERM type products.

So clever experts have designed another type of vibration haptic feedback to offer a more optimized experience. Yes! it’s LRA – linear vibration motor also been called linear resonant actuator, the shape of this vibrating motor is the same as the coin vibration motor that just mentioned, also including the connection method are all same, the key difference is the internal structure, and the drive method is different. The internal structure of LRA is a spring connected a mass. linear resonant actuator is driven by AC pulse, that let the mass move up and down along the direction of the spring. LRA working according to a certain frequency, generally 205Hz-235Hz.  When the resonance frequency is reached, the vibration is the strongest.

Linear vibration motor is Z-direction vibrator. The feedback provided by the finger touch is more straightforward than the traditional ERM flat vibration motor and pager motors. Moreover, the feedback of linear vibration motor is more direct, the starting speed is about 30ms, and the quick response gives a wonderful experience in many cell phone sense. It can be used in different application scenarios, especially in the game, providing a variety of game experience feedback support. It’s the best choice to be used as a cell phone vibration motor.