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Coreless DC Motor Factory Quality

NFP-Motor is a coreless dc brush motor manufacturer, diameter range from 4mm diameter.to 17mm diameter. If you want to buy coreless dc electric motor, you can contact us anytime. We’re coreless dc motor factory, if you request a high quality coreless motors, this is the right place, our product quality is guaranteed, and we can provide specifications, datasheets, test reports, performance and related certifications.

4mm – 17mm Diameter Micro Coresless Motors

MOQ 1+ Quantity For Programmable Prototype | OEM & ODM services | Variety Finished Motors In Stock, No Need To Customize | Free Assemble Cables/Connectors | Get a Quote within 8 hours | Fast Worldwide DHL Shipping | On Time & To Spec

Usually, contacting the motor manufacturer will face the problem of can’t provide small quantity or MOQ problems, which can be solved by us. We welcome non-standard customized products, and any quantity can provide sample confirmation for your prototype. We provide 1.3V – 12V coreless dc motor for any application.

From product design to final mass production, we provide technical support throughout the entire process, with reliable products, high-quality materials, short delivery times and flexible quotations.

4mm Coreless DC Brush Motor

There are 3 types of micro coreless motor with a diameter of 4mm, they body length is 7.6mm, 8.1mm and 12mm, and the speed is between 31,000 and 88,000rpm. Coreless dc motor is made from lightweight material with the magnet wire wound around it. They are low noise, longer life.

6mm Coreless Motor RPM

6mm coreless brushed motor is 2.5V-3.7V, the speed can be selected between 18,000rpm and 66,000rpm. There are currently 6 types according to the length of the DC motor. A hollow cylinder, with copper coils wound in a self-supporting honeycomb or skewed pattern. Just right for guys who love to DIY drone models!

7mm Coreless DC Motor Price

7mm small driving motor can work normally at about 3V, the body length is 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm compact size, the strong power of 32,500rpm-53,000rpm can explode. They are high power, low voltage, low current and don’t get damaged easily.

8mm Coreless Mirco DC Motor

8mm cylindrical micro motor has up to 82% operating efficiency, there are single axis and double axis, the voltage is 3.4V-12V, no-load speed is 13,500rpm-58,000rpm. Coreless DC motors provide excellent precision and drive control, hoose the appropriate motor according to different projects.

10mm Coreless Mirco DC Motor

The compact size of 10*13.2mm -10*23mm can burst with a strong power of 10,500rpm-51,500rpm. In the experiment, combined with propellers, the motors are good choices for DIY projects like remote control drones or fans. Ideal for experiment and mass production sold.


12mm Coreless Mirco DC Motor

4 types of 12mm coreless motor, the lower voltage is 3V, the higher voltage is 12V, the output efficiency is 71%-83%, they are dynamic, lightweight, efficient. Motor will determine the specifications of the linear actuator. For more information on NFP motor automations products or for additional support, contact us today.

13mm Coreless Micro DC Motor

Need For Power Motor currently produces coreless dc motors, also known as brush dc motor or brush electric motor, generally in Ø3mm – Ø17mm diameters for our range. Coreless motors are compact and convenient to use. They integrate into many designs because they have no external moving parts, and can be affixed in place with a strong permanent self-adhesive mounting system.

17mm Coreless Micro DC Motor

17mm coreless motors commonly used in remote control toys, aircraft, small household appliances, medical equipment, electronic tools, beauty equipment, etc. These little guys are amazing! So much power in such a tiny package. Used them in everything from micro RC planes to mini quadcopters and they’ve never let you down. Especially they’re coreless, which means there’s no need for a separate ESC. They just plug right into your flight controller and you’re good to go.

It is our biggest coreless dc motor, contact us today.

Small DC Motors Are Used In These Areas

Affected by the new crown epidemic, many customers are unable to visit the factory. For this reason, we have produced a live production video of the factory, which can take you to visit the factory.


Health Care Appliance

Tiny Vibration Motor Brushless Type Model NFP-WS0625 Used For Infrared Thermometer

Dive Watch Touch Screen

NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz Using in Sheawater Dive Computer Z-direction Feedback.


Laser Tag Equipment

Encapsulated vibration motor model NFP-E0724 using in Simulation Gun.


Gaming System Alerting

NFP-P0612 Pager motor used for Referee System RPS2156 for alerting.


Smart Ring For Emergency

NFP-RF2323 PCB SMD reflow vibration motors using in smart ring for emergency.


Lief Smart

Coin vibration motor NFP-C1020 using in wearable device to figth stress.


Sonar Smartwatch

NFP-ELV1411A linear vibration motor using in wearable device for haptic feedback


Swiftpoint Z Mouse

Linear resonant actuator NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz used to offer vibration feedback.


UV Monitor Shade

The Shade sensor automatically transmits your UV exposure.

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