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Voltage Lead wire




6.7mm 2.7V DC 14,000rpm Click


Ø3.2mm 8mm 2V DC 16,000rpm Click


Ø3.2mm 8mm 3V DC 16,000rpm Click


Ø3.2mm 8.25mm 3V DC 14,000rpm Click


Ø4mm 8mm 3V DC 12,000rpm Click


Ø4mm 8mm 3V DC 14,000rpm Click


Ø4mm 8mm 3V DC 11,000rpm Click


Ø4mm 8mm 3V DC 14,500rpm Click


Ø4mm 8mm 3V DC 11,000rpm Click


Ø4mm 10.8mm 1.5V DC 13,000rpm Click


Ø4mm 11.4mm 3V DC 21,000rpm Click


Ø6mm 10mm 3V DC 11,000rpm Click


Ø6mm 10mm 3V DC 11,000rpm Click


Ø6mm 12mm 1.3V DC 6,600rpm Click


Ø6mm 12mm 3V DC 11,000rpm Click


Ø6mm 15.4mm 3V DC 10,000rpm Click


Ø6mm 15.4mm 3V DC 8,000rpm


Ø6mm 15mm 1.5V DC 6,500rpm Click


Ø7mm 16.5mm 3.7V DC 17,000rpm Click


Ø6mm 15.4mm 3V DC 10,000rpm Click


Ø12mm 20.8mm 3V DC 11,000rpm Click

Pico Vibe - Miniature Vibration Motors

Cylindrical vibraton motors is also called pager motors, the earliest cylindrical vibration motors were used on the pager. When there are reminders and short messages, it will send feedback through vibrating. It is an effective solution to replace sound prompts. Afterwards, as the technology develops, The application to the smart phone above provides various triggering feedbacks, such as information prompt vibrating feedback, incoming call feedback, game vibration feedback and the like. It can also be used as DIY robot, with toothbrush, solar energy to achieve. This motor is a brushed hollow cup coreless vibration motor, the efficiency is more than ordinary brush vibration motor, fast response time, long life time, cheap price are all its advantages.


Imagine the future as the touch vibration feedback gradually replace the traditional physical buttons, the coreless brush cylindrical motor will have more extensive applications, such as the touch screen operation prompts vibration feedback, the car steering wheel built-in vibrator motor safety prompt feedback, to remind you that you may be tired or not driving in a safe path to ensure your personal safety.


You can select the different sizes of the following coreless vibration motors list below to choose the best fit for your prototype product (application). If the coreless vibration motor you're interested is in stock, MOQ 1pc, when we receive your order, we will send you the motors by DHL door to door, that will take fastest 3 to 4 days to you. In this way, you can choose the best coreless cylindrical vibration motor that is most suitable for your application to decide whether to purchase in mass.


Cylindrical Vibration Motors Technic Support

Or you have any questions about the coreless vibrating motors, such as asking for a specification, data sheet, customizing your own product performance information such as voltage, current, speed, wiring length customization, installing with a JST terminal MOLEX terminals, feel free to contact with us. All you need to do is to fill out the following electronic form, and we will reply to you in 8 hours.


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vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

Referee Paging System RPS2156

"Referee Paging System" which is used all over the world for Football (Soccer) games.  Insert NFP-P0612 to offer vibration alerting.

vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

Sunu Band Sonar Smartwatch

Our LVM-Series linear vibration motors NFP-ELV1411A is used for SUNU BAND - a smartwatch that is enhancing mobility for the visual impaired.


Lief Smart Patch That Fights Stress

The Lief is a discreet biosensing patch that measures your heart and breath. Lief teaches you to control your body's natural stress response through gentle, safe biofeedback exercises.


vibrate alert for your feedback linear resonant actuators

AUDO Compression Silicone Sex Toys

Audo specializing in sex product design, mould design and project management, They use NFP vibration motor inside their silicone sex toys for vibrating.

car automotive gear motor automobile dashboard gera reduction motor

Laser Tag Equipment

Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. They use our encapsulated vibration motor vibrating to simulated a shooting game like real.

dura vibe vibrations long-life durable vibe motor brushless technology stable performance motor

Wearable Device Shade

Built-in NFP-C0820 FPC coin vibration motor is widely used for the wearable devices to offer the notification by vibration alerting, such as the Shade

packaged vibration motors external moving motors applications

Swiftpoint Z Mouse

The Swiftpoint Z is a best game mouse built in a Force Sensor & Tactile Feedback to unleash a faster, more precise and highly intuitive mouse.