775 Electric DC Motor Used For Trim Tab Systems Hydraulic And Electric


775 Electric Brush DC Motor

Bennett Marine is the authority in trim tab systems, hydraulic and electric products are renowned for durability and dependability, with a warranty and customer support second to none. Type Model 775 electric brush dc motor which for trim tab stystem and hatch lift systems. Experience the Bennett Advantage. Bennett marine has been a trusted name by the best boat-builders in the world for over half a century.


45mm Diameter Vibration Motor Type Model 775 Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP-775SHV
Voltage: 12V/24V DC
No-load current: 0.35-0.5A
On load current: 1.6-3A
Rated Power: 60W
Weight: 422g
Shaft Length: 15mm

Coin Vibration Motor Model NFP-C0820L Data Sheet

There is 4 options performance of this electrical vibration motor: 12V 4,000rpm, 12V 8,000rpm, 6V 4,000rpm, 24V 8,000rpm (highly recommended type, the strongest vibration force, default shipping type.
Electric DC Vibration Motor Widely Reflected In Trim Tabs & Hatch Lifters

Vibration Motor Model 775
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