Encapsulated Vibration Motor 3V 12500RPM NFP-E0716 Used For Bosch Truck Joysticks


encapsulation vibration motor model NFP-E0716

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Bosch Truck Single Joystick Controller is as a simple, reliable, and economical alternative to electronic joystick controllers. In the rare event there is a malfunction. No port reliefs, no excess heat generated, and no wasted horsepower.

3V Vibration Motor NFP-E0716 Inside A Blue Plastic Capsule

Encapsulated vibration motor model NFP-E0716 3V DC used for Bosch Truck electric joystick, which can Steering direction and all gears in a highly accurate and manner. The vibration motor is installed in the electric joystick, and dialing to a specific gear will trigger the vibration motor to work, provide vibration feedback, and confirm that the correct gear has been dialed.

Encapsulated vibration motor features long life, strong vibration, easy installation, no redundant parts, simple circuit design, and can work with rated power supply, and is waterproof. This 3V vibration motor’s other part number: NFP-E0716MNFP-E1015,  NFP-E0615. No harmful ingredients / RoHS Compliant, DC Motor Vibration, Cylindrical, Insulated wire leads. Prevent liquid from entering. Small size with powerful vibration force “G”.

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3V Enclosed Vibration Motors Performance

Motor Model: NFP-0716
Rated voltage: 3.0VDC
Rated Load R2.7X5.0 eccentric rotating mass
On-load speed 12500±2500rpm
Rotation Direction CW/CCW
Operation Position Any direction
Operation Voltage 2.0 to 3.6 V DC
Operation Conditions -10 to +60°C.Normal humidity
Storage Conditions -0 to+80°C Normal humidity


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