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Miniature Gear Motors

3V, 6V, 12V DC Gear Motor Diameter Range 10mm – 42mm

  • High Torque, Low Speed Small DC Gear Motor.
  • Custom Dimensions, Gear Ratio, Voltage, Torque, Speed…
  • Stable Performance, Durable, High-Quality Gears.
  • Compact Size, Easy To Use.
  • Electrical Energy Converts Into Mechanical Energy
  • OEM & ODM Services For Special Size Of Hobby Gear Motor
  • Easy To Assemble With Mounted Molex, Jst Connectors.
  • Rigorous testing to ensure the quality of all gear reduction motors.

What We Produce

MOQ 1+ Quantity For Programmable Prototype | OEM & ODM services | Variety Finished Motors In Stock, No Need To Customize | Free Assemble Cables/Connectors | Get a Quote within 8 hours | Fast Worldwide DHL Shipping | On Time & To Spec


Small DC Motors Are Used In These Areas

Affected by the new crown epidemic, many customers are unable to visit the factory. For this reason, we have produced a live production video of the factory, which can take you to visit the factory.


Health Care Appliance

Tiny Vibration Motor Brushless Type Model NFP-WS0625 Used For Infrared Thermometer, learn more…


Dive Watch Touch Screen

NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz Using in Sheawater Dive Computer Z-direction Feedback.


Laser Tag Equipment

Encapsulated vibration motor model NFP-E0724 using in Simulation Gun.


Gaming System Alerting

NFP-P0612 Pager motor used for Referee System RPS2156 for alerting.


Smart Ring For Emergency

NFP-RF2323 PCB SMD reflow vibration motors using in smart ring for emergency.


Lief Smart

Coin vibration motor NFP-C1020 using in wearable device to figth stress.


Sonar Smartwatch

NFP-ELV1411A linear vibration motor using in wearable device for haptic feedback


Swiftpoint Z Mouse

Linear resonant actuator NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz used to offer vibration feedback.


UV Monitor Shade

The Shade sensor automatically transmits your UV exposure.

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