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2022 All New Pager Vibration Motors


3V DC Pager Motors

  • New Pager Motors 2022
  • Compact Shape & Largest Vibration Motor Range
  • Design for Wearable Prototypes
  • Select Fit Cylindrical Vibrators For Prototype Testing
  • Custom Best Coreless Vibration Motor for Mechanic Design
  • Premium Quality. Get Quote in Few Hours!

These kinds of small vibration motors are the most popular type in our production line.

Typical Small Vibration Devices

MOQ 1+ Quantity For Programmable Prototype | OEM & ODM services | Variety Finished Motors In Stock, No Need To Customize | Free Assemble Cables/Connectors | Get a Quote within 8 hours | Fast Worldwide DHL Shipping | On Time & To Spec

Small pager motors are used in a variety of applications, from medical devices to office equipment. They are known for their reliability and long lifetime. Many small pager motors are used in pagers, which are small, hand-held devices that receive signals from a central location and then vibrate or make a noise to alert the user. Pager motors are also used in some computer printers and fax machines.

Small DC Motors Are Used In These Areas

Affected by the new crown epidemic, many customers are unable to visit the factory. For this reason, we have produced a live production video of the factory, which can take you to visit the factory.


Health Care Appliance

Tiny Vibration Motor Brushless Type Model NFP-WS0625 Used For Infrared Thermometer

Gaming System Alerting

NFP-P0612 Pager motor used for Referee System RPS2156 for alerting.


Sonar Smartwatch

NFP-ELV1411A linear vibration motor using in wearable device for haptic feedback

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Detail customizations includes: custom wire length and wire gauge; encapsulation; gearing ratios; custom test reports; low temperature quali cation; connectors (e.g. Molex, JST); operating voltage; torque output; rear shaft; motor speed; vibration frequency; shaft length and features; eccentric mass design; vibration amplitude; custom gearbox; motor bearings; resonant frequency; rotary encoder

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