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Enclosed Vibration Motors

Our encapsulated vibration motors have many applications in today's wearable device market. The enclosed vibration motors is based on an erm vibration motor and have no external moving parts. The waterproof vibration motor can be used to give feedback to human interface system where touch is utilized. The enclosed vibrating motors are made with a small size and compact that allow to install them into any application where space is a vital commodity. The quality erm vibration motors can be used in the medical, plastic automotive, and consumer application and product prototype. The encapsulated vibration motors can be used for touch screen feedback, simulations haptic feedback, adult toys, sex toy vibrators...


Encapsulated eccentric rotating mass essentially is a pager motor inside a metal/plastic capsule. After the overmold, it can be used for waterproof applications. This is not only allows the encapsulated enclosed vibration motor to be waterproof and also generate a strong vibration force haptic feedback. This design is widely used in adult toys, sex toys. Strong vibrating force, external moving parts, silent voice for demanding applications. Small but quiet, cheap price, good performance and long lifetime are the advantages of this types of encapsulated vibration motors.


Encapsulated Vibration Motor - Plastic Capsule Type



Voltage Speed


NFP - E0716







NFP - 7C - FS0725



3.7V DC

5.0V DC




NFP - E716M







NFP - E1015







Typical Applications Of Enclosed Vibration Motors:

Our line of encapsulated vibration motors are either available with either a plastic capsule made of polystyrene or a metal capsule made of nickel plated steel. Waterproof vibration motors that make use our metal capsule design are fully encapsulated and may be over molded, and it has no external moving parts. They incorporate a plastic cap at the end of the capsule that is epoxied in place to prevent intrusion of liquids and are water proof. The wires that pass through this cap are epoxied as well. Enclosed vibrating motors are best suited for any of applications that require the electronics assembly to be potted, over molded or fully submerged in a liquid. The erm vibration motors may also be suitable for applications that require a waterproof vibration motor that is intrinsically safe. As of this time, we do not have an IS or IP rating for any of our parts. Models that make use of our plastic capsules may be used in less demanding applications and in most cases may be potted.


Detail Examples Of Enclosed Vibration Motor

Of course, they are also ideal for applications where standard eccentric rotating mass (ERM) vibration motors are unsuitable - for example in environments where there are particles or debris.

- Haptic feedback & vibration alerting for consumer products. - Washable vibrating collars or clothing for animals.
- Industrial handheld equipment, such as harsh environment. - Vibration alerting, especially for industrial control panels.
- Adult toys (waterproof vibration motor). - Sorting machines,
- Medical equipment, such as surface cleaned or sterilised. - Mixing Powders and emulsifying liquids,
- Performance indicators for athletes. - Aiding the movement of material down chutes, hoppers.
- Wearable vibrating sleeves to stimulate blood flow for fitness. - Other applications which require a waterproof vibration motor.
- Haptic feedback enabled clothing security purposes, musicians - Bulkheads and ruggedised / industrial control panels or dashboards.

Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibrator Designs

Encapsulated enclosed vibration motors are designed to be overmolded with low temperature / pressure plastics to make them fully watertight, or seal them for use in harsh (e.g. corrosive) environments. They essentially consist of a eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, housed in either a plastic or metal casing. Enclosed vibrator motors are designed like encapsulated vibration motors (without any external moving parts), but also include screw holes on the front most case plate. As a result their bodies are made from metal, unlike the distinctive red plastic you see on some of our encapsulated ERMs. All our enclosed vibration motors are based on a coreless design. It is much easier to fully seal encapsulated vibration motors than other types of vibration motors, due to the lack of external moving parts. If it is not mounted through overmolding process, the alternative method for mounting would be to attach these encapsulated vibration motors to the application via a collet or similarly sized circular receptacle and secure either with a clamping screw or adhesive.

At a pinch, although we would not recommend this for anything beyond a quick prototype, you can also secure encapsulated vibration motors with a large dab of epoxy. The major attraction for these sealed vibrator motors is that they do not have any external moving parts. This is not possible with normal vibration motors because they may suffer from water damage. However using an encapsulated waterproof vibration motor which has been appropriately sealed (as discussed above in the OverMolding & Sealing section) will allow the clothing and haptic vibrations to be sweat and water resistant.


 Encapsulated Vibration Motors Summary


Non-covered eccentric rotating mass waterproof vibration motors need space for the eccentric mass to move freely and generate vibration. If there is a chance that the offset mass can be obstructed then encapsulated waterproof vibration motors are a great solution. Our sealed waterproof vibration motors are resistant against water, dust and dirt. With some further sealing, they could be used in much harsher environments than other vibrating motors and made fully waterproof. In these examples, they still offer a similar level of performance to comparable non-encapsulated waterproof vibration motors. Our encapsulated vibration motors are built around NFP coreless motor technology, making them perfect for haptic feedback and vibration alerting, especially (if sealed) for wearable / washable applications.


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Referee Paging System RPS2156

"Referee Paging System" which is used all over the world for Football (Soccer) games.  Insert NFP-P0612 to offer vibration alerting.

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Sunu Band Sonar Smartwatch

Our LVM-Series linear vibration motors NFP-ELV1411A is used for SUNU BAND - a smartwatch that is enhancing mobility for the visual impaired.


Lief Smart Patch That Fights Stress

The Lief is a discreet biosensing patch that measures your heart and breath. Lief teaches you to control your body's natural stress response through gentle, safe biofeedback exercises.


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AUDO Compression Silicone Sex Toys

Audo specializing in sex product design, mould design and project management, They use NFP vibration motor inside their silicone sex toys for vibrating.

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Laser Tag Equipment

Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. They use our encapsulated vibration motor vibrating to simulated a shooting game like real.

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Wearable Device Shade

Built-in NFP-C0820 FPC coin vibration motor is widely used for the wearable devices to offer the notification by vibration alerting, such as the Shade

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Swiftpoint Z Mouse

The Swiftpoint Z is a best game mouse built in a Force Sensor & Tactile Feedback to unleash a faster, more precise and highly intuitive mouse.