12V Large Torque Brushed DC Motor Model NFP-RC-550AP-7123 Used For TORMADA Unmanned Boat



TORMADA™ is an unmanned light product application vessel that can perform surface cleaning of lake water surfaces without human labor, and it can treat weeds and algae in pond and dock areas without the need to launch a manned vessel. Product application boat is pond sprayer or rather lgaecide applicator. It is easy to use and saves time and labor costs. The built-in brushed DC motor 12V DC, when the power is obtained, the small motor will give drive feedback to work forward.

This brushed DC motor model NFP-RC-550AP-7123 is a high-efficiency drive feedback motor with a diameter of Φ36mm which has high speed, high torque and low noise, lower power consumption and a compact dimension. The ball bearing is not easy to overheat. Customers choose it as the fan driver for their products, making full use of energy and having a life span of up to 800hours. Commonly used in power tools.



12V Brushed DC Motor Model NFP-RC-550AP-7123 Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP-RC-550AP-7123
Motor Diameter: 36mm
Motor Thickness: 2.5mm
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Start Voltage: ≤1.5V, CW
Operating Voltage: 8V – 16V DC
Rated Speed: 20400rpm
Rated Current: 1.3A
Stall Current: 90.55A
Stall torque: 5100g.cm

In addition, we have two other brushed DC motors, 35.8mm diameter NFP-545-12VDC and 42mm diameter NFP-RC-775SHP-4538


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How does the TORMADA product application boat work?

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