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8 Kinds Small Vibration Motors

Vibration Motors Maker

NFP-motor is a small vibration motors supplier in China. Our motor ranges from ERM -eccentric rotating mass to LRA – linear resonant actuator. In early times, the miniature vibrating motors are used for mobile phones. With the development of the mobile cell phone industry, the vibration motor is getting smaller and smaller until it is integrated with the voice coil. NFP-Motor is a manufacturer of providing cylindrical, coin vibration motor used for haptic feedback in products such as cellular phones, wearables.

The two most commonly used vibrators are pager motor and coin vibration motors. Both two are DC vibrating motor. Their main function is to provide vibration haptic feedback. Although they are all just mini vibrating, however they provide better technical support in improving the humanization of electronic devices.


What Kinds Of Vibration Motors We Provide

Our coin types vibration motor have 3 types, brushless types, ERM eccentric rotating mass type, LRA linear resonant actuator type. Their shape is a flat coin button-type. The micro DC vibrating motor plays a key role in mobile cell phone, pager, tablet, household appliances.


X - Y Axis Coin Vibration Motor ERM Type

Eccentric rotating mass coin motor, affordable price, Dia. Φ6mm to Φ12mm

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Eccentric Rotating Mass PCB Vibration Motors

Eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, widely used in pager

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Z - Axis Linear Resonant Actuator LRA Type

LRA vibration motor, precise feedback. Narrow resonant frequency

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Encapsulated Vibration Motors ERM Type

Waterproof eccentric rotating mass, with a plastic or metal capsule

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Long Lifetime Brushless Coin Vibration Motor

Long Lifetime coin vibration motor, X-Y direction. Dia Φ6mm-Φ9mm

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Large Vibration Motors ERM Type Big Amplitude

Brushed DC vibration motors, eccentric rotating mass type

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X-Axis Rectangular Linear Vibration Motor

Most advanced linear resonant actuator, X-direction Fast response.

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Large Vibration Motors Big Amplitude

370, 385, 545,775 series single, dual heads powerful vibration motors

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Programmable Vibration Motors Used For Touch Feedback System

Technical Advice & Supported – For Vibration, Haptic Alerting Apps – Haptics Alerting In Handheld App – For Precise Haptic Feedback Effect – International Shipping Available.


Health Care Appliance

Tiny Vibration Motor Brushless Type Model NFP-WS0625 Used For Infrared Thermometer

Dive Watch Touch Screen

NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz Using in Sheawater Dive Computer Z-direction Feedback.


Laser Tag Equipment

Encapsulated vibration motor model NFP-E0724 using in Simulation Gun.


Gaming System Alerting

NFP-P0612 Pager motor used for Referee System RPS2156 for alerting.


Smart Ring For Emergency

NFP-RF2323 PCB SMD reflow vibration motors using in smart ring for emergency.


Lief Smart

Coin vibration motor NFP-C1020 using in wearable device to figth stress.


Sonar Smartwatch

NFP-ELV1411A linear vibration motor using in wearable device for haptic feedback


Swiftpoint Z Mouse

Linear resonant actuator NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz used to offer vibration feedback.


UV Monitor Shade

The Shade sensor automatically transmits your UV exposure.

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