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When you have a brushed DC motor requirement, choosing a German Motor or Swiss motor is quite expensive than image. Platform products such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba are not reliable (generally their motors are used for kids DIY), their motors can’t mass production. To fill this gap is the reason for our existence.

We are factory quality, professional production equipment, experienced technicians, and first-class quality assurance in the industry. Buy NFP-Motors is on time, to spec. You can check the following DC brush motor or contact us for a custom design.

We provide standard or customized versions. Extensive range kept in stock. Welcome to place your Online order today for a speedy delivery or send us an inquiry.



Motor Model: RC-280SA-3064-A RC-280SA-3064-B RC-280SA-20150
Voltage Range: 3V – 9V 6V – 18V 6V – 18V
Rated Voltage: 6V 12V 12V
No-Load Current: 0.28A 0.32A 0.08A
No-Load Speed: 13,500RPM 27,500RPM 12,400RPM
Max Efficiency: 72.08% 70.43% 53.78%
Max Efficiency Current: 1.603A 1.888A 0.571A
Max Efficiency Speed: 11,492RPM 23,510RPM 10,875RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 9.175A 11.13A 4.07A
Stall torque:



Motor Model: RC-365SA-1897-47 RC-365SA-18135V RC-360SA-11443
Voltage Range: 6V – 18V 18V – 30V 18V – 30V
Rated Voltage: 12V 24V 24V
No-Load Current: 0.18A 0.13A 0.09A
No-Load Speed: 9,500RPM 12,000RPM 7,300RPM
Max Efficiency: 62.45% 67.97% 54.2%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.72A 0.64A 0.3A
Max Efficiency Speed: 7,610RPM 10,000RPM 5,620RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 2.92A 3.22A 1.01A
Stall torque:

small-electric-motor-NFP-365SH 360SH small-dc-motor-NFP-365SH-360SH

Motor Model: RC-365SH-19100V RC-360SA-18200V RC-365SA-2549V
Voltage Range: 4V – 12V 14V – 24V 1.2V – 6V
Rated Voltage: 8V 18V 3.6V
No-Load Current: 0.13A 0.14A 0.30A
No-Load Speed: 5,150RPM 11,800RPM 5,300RPM
Max Efficiency: 63.00% 70.25% 57.14%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.51A 0.77A 0.92A
Max Efficiency Speed: 4,100RPM 9,980RPM 4,000RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 2.00A 4.23A 2.83A
Stall torque:

types-of-motors-NFP-385SHP-380SHP NFP-385SHP-380SHP-24-volt-dc-motors

Motor Model: RC-385SHP-19112V RC-385SHP-18128V RC-385SHP-2069V
Voltage Range: 18V – 30V 18V – 30V 6V – 18V
Rated Voltage: 24V 24V 12V
No-Load Current: 0.13A 0.10A 0.18A
No-Load Speed: 10,000RPM 8,700RPM 9,000RPM
Max Efficiency: 66.88% 75.85% 63.9%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.57A 0.60A 0.85A
Max Efficiency Speed: 8,500RPM 7,460RPM 7,440RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 4.00A 3.68A 4.00A
Stall torque: 1,

NFP-385SAP-380SAP-custom-dc-motor-manufacturer NFP-385SAP-380SAP-24-volt-permanent-magnet-dc-motors

Motor Model: RC-380SA-18250 RC-385SAP-2177V RC-385SAP-2173V
Voltage Range: 6V – 18V 6V – 18V 18V – 20V
Rated Voltage: 12V 12V 24V
No-Load Current: 0.12A 0.18A 0.25A
No-Load Speed: 5,700RPM 8,000RPM 20,000RPM
Max Efficiency: 58.93% 66.67% 65%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.45A 0.81A 1.20A
Max Efficiency Speed: 4,510RPM 6,540RPM 18,000RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 1.72A 3.64A 9.00A
Stall torque:

NFP-3910SHP-carbon-brush-motor NFP-3910SHP-dc-motor-company

Motor Model: RC-3910SHP-3315 RC-3910SA-1483
Voltage Range: 18V – 30V 18V – 30V
Rated Voltage: 24V 24V
No-Load Current: 0.45A 0.05A
No-Load Speed: 22,500RPM 5,000RPM
Max Efficiency: 74.43% 63.35%
Max Efficiency Current: 2.991A 0.24A
Max Efficiency Speed: 19,558RPM 4,137RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 19.88A 1.15A
Stall torque:

NFP-395SAP-390SAP-international-motor-productions NFP-395SAP-390SAP-small-12v-motor

Motor Model: RC-395SAP-12210 RC-390SA-3847 RC-395SAP-14175V
Voltage Range: 18V – 30V 3V – 9V 18V – 30V
Rated Voltage: 24V 6V 24V
No-Load Current: 0.04A 0.33A 0.06A
No-Load Speed: 4,150RPM 9,500RPM 5,600RPM
Max Efficiency: 69.93% 70.69% 62.76%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.178A 2.11A 0.266A
Max Efficiency Speed: 3,389RPM 8,218RPM 4,570RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 0.795A 13.55A 1.18A
Stall torque:

NFP-395SHP-390SHP-miniature-dc-motor NFP-395SHP-390SHP-toy-dc-motor

Motor Model: RC-395SHP-1890 RC-395SHP-2845 RC-390SHP-6530
Voltage Range: 6V – 18V 10V – 20V 3.7V – 10V
Rated Voltage: 12V 16.2V 7.4V
No-Load Current: 0.14A 0.25A 0.70A
No-Load Speed: 5,100RPM 11,900RPM 16,700RPM
Max Efficiency: 60.50% 67.24% 65.50%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.513A 1.318A 4.506A
Max Efficiency Speed: 4,007RPM 10,003RPM 14,450RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 1.883A 6.949A 29A
Stall torque:

NFP-545SA-540SA-12v-dc-motor-manufacturers NFP-545SA-540SA-custom-motor-manufacturer

Motor Model: RC-540SA-25182 RC-545SA-19146 RC-545SA-4034
Voltage Range: 3.7V – 9.6V 35V – 45V 6V – 18V
Rated Voltage: 7.4V 40V 12V
No-Load Current: 0.18A 0.13A 0.43A
No-Load Speed: 2,400RPM 9,000RPM 10,300RPM
Max Efficiency: 60.45% 73.71% 73.09%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.53A 0.666A 3.0A
Max Efficiency Speed: 1,790RPM 7,530RPM 9,038RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 1.559A 3.417A 21.04A
Stall torque:

NFP-545SH-540SHP-custom-electric-motors NFP-545SH-540SHP-12-volt-elektromotor

Motor Model: RC-540SHP-6411V RC-545SH-12330V RC-545SH-3153
Voltage Range: 3V – 9V 18V – 28V 12V – 24V
Rated Voltage: 6V 24V 18V
No-Load Current: 4.5A 0.03A 0.35A
No-Load Speed: 29,500RPM 2,300RPM 11,000RPM
Max Efficiency: 74.68% 64.90% 77.77%
Max Efficiency Current: 23.98A 0.119A 1.919A
Max Efficiency Speed: 24,840RPM 1,836RPM 9,303RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 127.8A 0.47A 10.52A
Stall torque:

NFP-555SA-550SAP-akkuschrauber-cordless-screwdriver-dc-motor NFP-555SA-550SAP-elektromotor-regelbar-adjustable-electric-motor

Motor Model: RC-555SA-3065 RC-550AP-7123 RC-555SAP-4532
Voltage Range: 18V – 28V 8V – 16V 8V – 16V
Rated Voltage: 24V 12V 12V
No-Load Current: 0.13A 1.3A 0.3A
No-Load Speed: 8,000RPM 20,400RPM 7,800RPM
Max Efficiency: 77.06% 77.99% 79.04%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.85A 10.85A 2.159A
Max Efficiency Speed: 6,943RPM 18,217RPM 6,848RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 5.6A 90.55A 15.54A
Stall torque:

NFP-555SHP-550SHP-elektromotor-für-fahrrad-electric-motor-for-bike NFP-555SHP-550SHP-elektromotor-fahrrad-electric-motor-bike

Motor Model: RC-550SHP-8019 RC-550SHP-6032 RC-555SHP-2772
Voltage Range: 10V – 18V 8V – 16V 18V – 28V
Rated Voltage: 15V 12V 24V
No-Load Current: 2.1A 0.9A 0.2A
No-Load Speed: 29,500RPM 14,300RPM 7,300RPM
Max Efficiency: 76.96% 74.19% 83.89%
Max Efficiency Current: 19.39A 5.44A 1.14A
Max Efficiency Speed: 26,618RPM 12,271RPM 6,212RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 179.1A 32.9A 6.52A
Stall torque:

NFP-565SHP-595SHP-mini-elektromotor-mini-electric-motor NFP-565SHP-595SHP-12-volt-getriebemotor-12-volt-gear-motor

Motor Model: RC-565SHP-27100 RC-595SHP-2592 RC-595SHP-5721
Voltage Range: 10V – 20V 18V – 28V 15V – 24V
Rated Voltage: 12V 24V 20V
No-Load Current: 0.11A 0.1A 0.65A
No-Load Speed: 3,000RPM 4,850RPM 17,600RPM
Max Efficiency: 75% 81.39% 73.34%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.664A 0.639A 5.46A
Max Efficiency Speed: 2,574RPM 4,194RPM 15,729RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 4.01A 4.088A 45.94A
Stall torque:

NFP-775SHP-elektromotor-12v-500w-electric-motor-12v-500w NFP-775SHP-gleichstrommotor-24v-DC-motor-24v

Motor Model: RC-775SHP-2898V RC-775SHP-7015 RC-775SHP-4538
Voltage Range: 18V – 28V 12V – 24V 8V – 16V
Rated Voltage: 24V 18V 12V
No-Load Current: 0.19A 2.4A 0.6A
No-Load Speed: 3,800RPM 20,000RPM 5,000RPM
Max Efficiency: 64.85% 77.55% 59.14%
Max Efficiency Current: 1.03A 10.85A 3.28A
Max Efficiency Speed: 3,211RPM 16,370RPM 4,228RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 5.63A 49.06A 17.99A
Stall torque:

NFP-755SH-gleichstrommotor-24v-DC-motor-24v NFP-755SH-elektromotor-12v-500w-electric-motor-12v-500w

Motor Model: RC-755SHP-3377V RC-755SHP-3750 RC-755SHP-27126
Voltage Range: 18V – 28V 8V – 16V 8V – 16V
Rated Voltage: 24V 12V 12V
No-Load Current: 0.23A 0.38A 0.08A
No-Load Speed: 5,800RPM 4,500RPM 1,950RPM
Max Efficiency: 67.07% 86.55% 82.95%
Max Efficiency Current: 1.337A 1.616A 0.453A
Max Efficiency Speed: 4,949RPM 3,643RPM 1,657RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 7.77A 6.869A 2.562A
Stall torque:

NFP-N20-elektromotor 12v NFP-N20-electric-motor-brushes

Motor Model: FF-N20-09180 FF-N20-10145
Voltage Range: 1.5V – 5.0V 1.5V – 5.0V
Rated Voltage: 3.7V 3.7V
No-Load Current: 0.05A 0.7A
No-Load Speed: 9,800RPM 12,300RPM
Max Efficiency: 62% 65%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.13A 0.2A
Max Efficiency Speed: 8,900RPM 11,300RPM
Eccentric Rotating Mass Size 9*R4.5 9*R4.8
Stall Current: 0.48A 0.64A

NFP-030-dc-motor-brushes NFP-030-rc-brushed-motor

Motor Model: FF-030SB-14110
Voltage Range: 1.5V – 5.0V
Rated Voltage: 3.0V
No-Load Current: 0.15A
No-Load Speed: 13,000RPM
Max Efficiency: 62%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.52A
Max Efficiency Speed: 9,000RPM
Eccentric Rotating Mass Size R14*6.0
Stall Current: 1.55A

NFP-370-water-pump-motor NFP-370-carbon-brush-motor

Motor Model: RF-370SH-20150
Voltage Range: 1.5V – 5.0V
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
No-Load Current: 0.02A
No-Load Speed: 3,300RPM
Max Efficiency: 58.7%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.22A
Max Efficiency Speed: 2,848RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 1.38A
Stall Pressure: 40KPa

NFP-370-air-pump-motor NFP-370-carbon-motor-brushes-suppliers-near-me

Motor Model: RF-370SH
Voltage Range: 1.5V – 5.0V
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
No-Load Current: 0.04A
No-Load Speed: 4,800RPM
Max Efficiency: 60%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.22A
Max Efficiency Speed: 2,848RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Stall Current: 1.38A
Stall Pressure: 58KPa

NFP-28P395-550-brushed-motor NFP-28P395-brushed-motor-esc

Motor Model: RC-28P395-27 RC-28P395-100 RC-28P395-720
Voltage Range: 18V – 30V 18V – 30V 18V – 30V
Rated Voltage: 24V 24V 24V
No-Load Current: 0.15A 0.15A 0.15A
No-Load Speed: 310RPM 75RPM 11RPM
Max Efficiency: 63% 63% 63%
Max Efficiency Current: 0.4A 0.35A 0.35A
Max Efficiency Speed: 248RPM 60RPM 8.8RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Gearbox Length: 30.9mm 37.3mm 43.7mm
Ratio: 1:27 1:100 1:720
Stall Current: 1.6A 1.6A 1.6A
Stall torque:

NFP-36P555-rs-360sh-motor NFP-36P555-ff-180sh-motor

Motor Model: RC-36P555-27 RC-36P555-100 RC-36P555-370
Voltage Range: 8V – 16V 18V – 30V 18V – 30V
Rated Voltage: 12V 12V 12V
No-Load Current: 0.43A 0.43A 0.43A
No-Load Speed: 162RPM 44RPM 12RPM
Max Efficiency: 65% 65% 44%
Max Efficiency Current: 1.45A 1.45A 1.45A
Max Efficiency Speed: 125RPM 34RPM 9RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Gearbox Length: 39mm 39mm 370mm
Ratio: 1:27 1:720 1:720
Stall Current: 4.93A 4.93A 4.93A
Stall torque:

NFP-42P775-280-size-motor NFP-42P775-fc-140sa-motor

Motor Model: RC-42P775-104 RC-42P775-120 RC-42P775-139
Voltage Range: 10V – 30V 20V – 30V 20V – 30V
Rated Voltage: 24V 24V 24V
No-Load Current: 0.55A 0.55A
No-Load Speed: 58RPM 50RPM 43RPM
Max Efficiency: 65% 65% 65%
Max Efficiency Current: 2.63A 2.63A
Max Efficiency Speed: 48RPM 42RPM 36RPM
Max Efficiency Torque:
Gearbox Length: 65.5mm 65.5mm 65.5mm
Ratio: 1:104 1:20 1:139
Stall Current: 12.5A 12.5A 12.5A
Stall torque: