Tiny Vibration Motor Brushless Type Model NFP-WS0625 Used For Infrared Thermometer



Due to the existence of COVID-19, getting a quick body temperature becomes more and more important.

EASYTEM has developed a fast and accurate infrared forehead thermometer that is easy to use and exquisite in design. Built-in brushless flat coin vibration motor model NFP-WS0625, 3V DC. When getting body temperature data, small vibrator will give a vibration feedback to the tester for confirmation.

This brushless flat vibration motor is the smallest vibration feedback motor with a diameter of only Φ6mm and a life span of 500,000 cycles (2s on, 1s off, as 1cycle).


Brushless Coin Vibration Motor Model NFP-WS0625 Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP – WS0625
Motor Diameter: 6mm
Motor Thickness: 2.5mm
Wire Length: 50mm
Rated Voltage: 3.0V DC
Start Voltage: 2.5V DC
Operating Voltage: 2.7V – 3.3V DC
Rated Speed: 15,000 ± 3000rpm
Rated Current: 80mA max
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force: 1.0G+
BLDC Vibration Motor Lifetime: 2s on, 1s off, as 1cycle, 500,000+ cycles
Data Sheet: Specification


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